So, who loves their new Ipod Nano 5g???

Discussion in 'iPod' started by bjh1414, Sep 18, 2009.

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    I got one instead of the ipod touch, and i love it! how bout you?
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    i thought about getting a 16GB blue Nano but the thing is, I already have a iPhone 1G so that has an ipod already.
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    Even though I have an iPhone 3G (which I can't update to the 3Gs until my contract is up in December :mad: ) as well as having the ability to shoot video with a better video camera, I really wanted something as small and convenient as the Nano to shoot video with (that just happens to have an FM tuner and a pedometer as well!) So I picked up the black 16GB Nano yesterday and I've got to say, I'm really loving it!

    I'm basically just going to be using it for quick and dirty little street interviews (for a possible new concept site I'm thinking about) but Apple definitely knows what they are doing with this thing; despite all the haters questioning the inclusion of Video recording on this, their best selling iPod of all time (as opposed to adding it on the iPod Touch) I think we are going to start seeing the "Nano video" as the new, most popular video camera on Youtube just as we have now seen the iPhone as the most popular still camera on Flickr! Simply because it is so quick, easy and convenient. Just my humble opinion...

    Anyway, here is a quick video I took today of the local Metro Goldline going by using the "Security Cam" mode of the Nano: (you can't see it in this video, but the train driver looked at me pretty suspiciously as I was crouched down shooting this.)
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    I wanted to buy one as soon as I saw them out, right after the keynote. What stopped me from doing so is the lack of a digital camera, although I already have a Canon DSLR digital camera and an iPhone 3G.
    My point is, if they include video, why not include a camera to shoot pictures too???
    Maybe I'll wait until the next update.
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    that video was neat, and i think this will be huge for youtube too!
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    I am absolutely in love with mine! I dont really use the video much but its such a cute little nifty thing and it goes with me everywhere (uni, appointments, gym etc). I have an iPhone too but I never used it as an iPod
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    If u don't use your 32GB 3GS for iPod the I'm wondering what u use that vast amount of space for.
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    I'm real happy with mine. It's great to have that ability to take quick videos with such a small portable device.
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    I like mine too. Didnt think I'd use the video much...but I've already utilised it to record loads footage of my 6month old twins:D

    Its handy. Its tiny, Its packed with features...but most of all it still plays mp3's:)

    The only thing that would make this gizmo any cooler would be maybe a touch screen and wifi for youtube! now that would be something...:cool:

    and before anyone says why didnt i buy a touch, ...I had a 2G one, but returned it for the 4G nano before selling that to get the 5G. The touch was cool, but it just didnt suit my needs.
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    I like mine a lot but I see the battery deplete A LOT overnight after it is fully charged. Without any usage rom sleep to next nigh run - the battery went from full charge to 3/4 charge. If this was spanning a week I would feel ok about it...not sure why it is depleting though.
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    i had that same thing macaco, it does seem to lose battery pretty quick, but itll probably last 2 days, and between then, i will prob charge it, so i dont mind :p
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    I know that I will be excited because I am gonna get the Blue 16GB this week when I finally get to the Apple Store. I have a 4g nano though, but this one seems to me as a good enough upgrade. I was planning on getting an iPod touch but none of them got a camera, and I was really wishing on that, but everyone knows that was not the case.
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    i really want to upgrade, but my nano 3g( the fat one ) is fine right now, i would just waste unnecessary money
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    I really want to upgrade as well, but my nano 2g is working well.. though it doesn't look as nice.. or have an FM tuner.. *sniff*
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    More Nano Video Silliness

    I just had to post another video because this Nano is just too fun!

    I know this is silly and cheesy, but, throw in some sound effects (from iMovie), a little background music, and you too could have the next sci-fi movie made with your Nano!

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    I Love Mine! Despite having a 32Gb 3G S :p

    Just keep most the music i listen to on it, and the radio etc. Plan to use the video on my Motorbike too.

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