So who wouldn't mind giving me some help...?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by davidjearly, Nov 29, 2006.

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    I know this might be too much to ask, but I really need some help with this.

    As my skills in the field of art are limited to photography, photoshop and web design, I'm really at a loss with this one.

    As part of my placement I am teaching the topic of transport to young children. What I need is as follows:

    A very basic 'sketch' design of the outline of the back of a car.
    Not a whole car, but just a black sketched outline as seen from the back on a plain white background (Imagine looking at the back of a VM Beetle for example).
    Would prefer it saved as a .tif/.psd/.jpeg

    I realise I'm asking something of people I hardly know and completely understand if you can't be bothered.


    EDIT: Ideally I need this in the next few hours or by the end of the night (for me, thats 5 hours away)
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    I'm not sure i even want to know...
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    Someone ran into that fun "Hey, I'm typing and pushed tab and HOLY WTF I POSTED" thing. ;) Don't go away mate, we'll be back when you finish typing your post.
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    Lol, exactly. Damn those sensitive PowerBook keys... I am such a buttmunch.
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    how do you say... ahh yes.. clipart.
    just goto or and do a search for car with vector selected.. you will be able to preview any images at a size that maybe good enough to just copy from, or most vector graphics on there are only $1 and can be fully manipulated. Why so hesitant to bring out the pen and paper and trace a magazine ad?
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    Yeah, check clipart & iStock. Why not go take a pic of the back of a car and in PS make it look sketched? Here are a few I found on iStock:

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    Tracing a magazine ad would be against copyright whilst the stock websites didn't have what I was looking for.

    Thanks anyway,
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    Ah, thanks. That helps actually. I didn't even think about doing that in PS. I must need some coffee....

    Thanks for the links,
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    You are really concerned with violating copyright by tracing from a magazine ad? :eek:
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    As a photographer, yes I am very concerned with copyright. It's not just about 'ads', but any image that I don't have the rights to.

    Keep in mind that images used in 'ads' are normally someone's work...

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    That sounds ridiculous. Tracing a generic shape from a picture to make an illustration can't possible be a violation of copyright. I can only imagine it to be in violation of anything if the shape is a registered trademark or something like that.
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    I really don't want to get into a copyright argument.

    I only asked people for help. It's funny how more people are capable of being antagonistic than actually having some helpful input (although I'm grateful to those who did).

    Is this what forums are about now? The slightest excuse to make a deal out of something?

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    Sorry, if I knew how to draw well, I'd help you. Could you post a rough sketch of what you had in mind. That'd probably make it easier for potential helpers.
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    These are the responses you'll get when asking designers to do free work.
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    I wonder how many ad designers would be bothered by a violation of copyright of tracing one of their pieces of work to use as an educational tool for kids - not many I would imagine. Also, I dont know about the US but in the uk I'm sure there is the concept of 'fair usage' where you are allowed to make limited copies of stuff for educational purposes. Could be wrong though.

    Wasn't meaning to be antagonistic just genuinely amazed that anyone would even consider it an issue.
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    No problem mate ;)

    (I'm in the UK btw.)

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    No I've actually had some decent considerate responses.

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    Or, since you have photog. skills, shoot a car yourself, then trace the outline in Photoshop or Illustrator or what have you.

    All you're after is to get the basic proportions correct.

    If you do trace a published photo, you're almost assured to be covered by fair use anyway, in the case of 1) non-profit, 2) eductational, 3) limited distribution use of a 4) small portion (like, almost nothing) of a finished work.
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    Thanks, it's all sorted now.

    The reason I didn't do the above, as by the time I realised what I was looking for (the time I started this thread), it was already dark outside and I needed it for the next morning.

    So, I got up 2 hours early (still pretty dark...) and managed to get out and get what I was looking for. I then imported into PS and created a line drawing from it.

    Thanks for the advice.


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