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So Who's Taking off for WWDC?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by thedeejay, Jun 4, 2013.

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    Out of curiosity who here is booking off work and watching WWDC?
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    What's work?
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    So annoyed that I can't, first day at a client, did the past two years ...
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    I have off Fri-Mon thankfully. Governor's Ball NYC Fri-Sun. Recovering from the weekend by watching WWDC on Mon.
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    i get out of work at 7am, so ill be off all day. ill probably park my butt in front of the computer to watch. i forget, is it streamed live or you have to watch after the fact? i think with the iphone 5 announcement, i followed via twitter, then watched the video later.
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    It's Dragon boat festival in China, so I get the 10th to the 12th off work.

    That's three days to digest WWDC and E3 news :D
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    I've never been awake for a WWDC event. The conference always starts at 4am over here, so I'll wake up an hour after it finishes and read all the latest on Mac Rumours and the Apple website while on the morning commute, just like every other year.
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    I have not booked off but I was meant to work from 14:00 till 22:00 (UK Time) and I have managed to change my shift to work early hours and finish at 2pm :)

    Kind of pointless though if there is no live streaming as I would have been able to follow blogs from my work PC as well.
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    I couldn't think of a bigger waste for a days holiday!
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    itll be 7pm here so ill be at home and even if i wasnt, id just jump onto my lovely internet explorer 8 #sarcasm at work to follow the keynote coverage
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    It's on at 3am here in Oz..

    For some reason I wake at 3-4am every damn year and can't help but reach for the iPhone, which leads to coffee, which leads to couch and MacBook, which leads to putting the answering machine on around 8am and screening client calls until noon :)

    Post WWDC is a very unproductive day!
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    Day off for me so I'll definitely get up at 3am (aus) if there is a live stream. Then waste my entire day on engadget and MR.
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    Some of you guys are seriously taking off for the event!?

    I just stop working while at work to watch it. :D
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    same :D
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    No mention of a live stream so what's there to watch during work. Most folks will likely be home by the time the video is posted
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    I am taking a Extended Lunch to watch it at work lol
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    I believe I am working that night from 5-11 or so, so I'll be able to see the live feed/video when it's all posted.
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    I took off, but not for WWDC. First day of summer classes happen to be on that day!
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    Luckily, it will be at 6pm here, and without any exams, I will come home and relax for a bit before watching it!
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    The whole week!

    I am taking the whole week off.

    I am going to be in line 6-8 hour before the keynote and I still won't be anywhere near the front of the line.
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    Not going to class :)
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    I wish they streamed it online like google did with I/O :( Anyway, can't wait for Monday :)
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    hardly worth using a day for this. For me atleast.
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    Where can we watch the event?
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    I typically like to watch a stream from MR or Engadget while I work but doubt I'll be able to this year.

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