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So why do we still have to pay to upgrade to "plus"????"

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Mr. Giver '94, Apr 11, 2009.

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    Mr. Giver '94

    I don't understand. I guess it's just to make more $$$, but I would have thought that they'd make it free now that all songs are in the DRM-free format. :(:mad:
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    That makes me just as angry as the fact that the major studios don't give away free BlueRay Discs of the movies I purchased on DVD. :mad::mad::mad:

    I guess it's just to make more $$$. Isn't that shocking? :rolleyes:
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    ...because you bought DRM'd music. Why would the music, which you knew to be DRM'd when you bought it, magically become DRM free?
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    And it makes me just as angry as the fact that Apple didn't upgrade my iBook 3G to a MacBook Pro as soon as it came out. :mad::mad::mad:

    How greedy of them. :rolleyes:
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    Mr. Giver '94

    Wow sorry I'm not trying to sound entitled to free upgrades I just think it's odd that they keep advertising "Now 100% DRM free at no extra cost" while at the same time charging us more. Seems kind of counter-intuitive.
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    That doesn't imply they will go DRM free on prior purchases, just new purchases. Why does everyone want everything free?
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    All About Business For Them

    Business is Business, they want your money anyways they can get it.
    Do you really think anything online will be free forever?
    People give free give aways untill they have enough clients to pull the rug out from under, and then they charge,charge ,charge, that's how Ebay got rich, and many other internet web businesses.
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    The main reason is because it's the same songs we previously have for the same price. I still think the 30 percent is a little steep, but I've been paying it for a few albums. I honestly can't tell the difference in sound quality on my computer, in my car, or hooked up via digital cable to a sound system. If someone can tell me they can hear a difference somewhere, it'll make me feel so much better. :)
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    it depends on how good your ears are or what type of audio producer you're listening to it through.

    i've got a pair of sony in-ear fontopias and a pair of sennheiser hd201s. from what i can gather, i compared an mp3 at 224kbps to the regular itunes plus file. the bass is a lot sharper. i'm not an audiophile myself but it is a noticeable attribute when you really try to listen.

    hope this helped.
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    The fact that you can upgrade to no DRM at all is a bonus. I was a little suprised when I found out that you could do this. However the classic burn to CD and rip from newly burned CD would be a 'free' option other than the cost of the discs and the possible loss of quality.
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    Why does everyone want to pay for everything?
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    Who doesn't want free stuff? Of course, I would be pissed if Apple offered me a free upgrade! I would never be able to forgive them.
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    I would:D
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    Several times in a row in fact. ;)
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    I can see why you would want a free upgrade to 'Plus' music, however the problem I have is people used to pay extra to get 'plus' music. If Apple were to upgrade your music free then it would only be fair to refund the people who paid extra for plus? Will it ever happen though? I think we all know the answer :D.

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