Social Rovio Title 'Angry Birds Friends' Hits the App Store

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, May 2, 2013.

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    First announced last month, Rovio's social Facebook game Angry Birds Friends was released for the iPad and the iPhone this morning. The game merges classic Angry Birds gameplay with Facebook-integrated social features such as weekly tournaments and score sharing.

    Angry Birds Friends is a universal app that can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Social Rovio Title 'Angry Birds Friends' Hits the App Store
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    You beat that dead horse Rovio!
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    Here I am sitting at my desk, bored of my iPhone when it hit me... I need a new Angry Birds app! Yay! Beat that dead horse!
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    7 games total (+ free versions, + HD versions, + free HD versions, + other platforms). That's a lot of Angry Birds. 12 million+ downloads on the App Store and 1.7 billion+ downloads across all platforms.

    Yup, I'd make another one too.
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    It's quite sad really. They havent been able to create another success and likely never will, so keep hitting that dead donkeys ass (no pun intended).
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    The one version I plan to pass on. I don't like power ups and prefer to have to not use them, as this version requires that you do.
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    I heard Bad Piggies was neat but haven't picked it up yet.
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    Thanks to Facebook, this Angry Birds fan finally gets the chance to go 'cold turkey' and not buy a version of the game! Yay! I'm finally free! :D

    But good luck to you if it's your thing.
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    another pass from my side; no need to get a FB involved and document in your lifeline how many green pigs your hit :eek:

    (I still like to play the AB StarWars Edition)
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    Brain usage optional

    Unless you've been living in a barrel for the past few years, the horse is pretty far from dead.
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    It's OK, it's fun for a bit but it is way too ambiguous for me. In Angry Birds, yeah the way the blocks fall sometimes determines the outcome. But in Bad Pigs it's more you, the way you've designed the cart, and the levels. You end up having to play levels hundreds of times to get the outcome you want, without having to change your cart design at all. Because you have to activate or deactivate components at different times.

    Game would have been more fun it things were more straight forward. I think I finished all the level, but have no desire to go back and even check.

    BTW, Angry Birds Star Wars is by far my favorite of the series. I've played every edition, with three stars on every level. Angry Birds Star Wars is just the most entertaining because they added a few new things that makes it more intriguing. Really didn't like AB Space, felt like you were always looking for the perfect pixel to aim at.
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    Bad Piggies is awesome. Get it, live it, love it.
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    Next title to ship from Rovio: "World of Angry WarCraft Birds".

    - Justin
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    Anyone else like totally done with Angry Birds?
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    Facebook = blah.

    I'm one of the 22 guys who doesn't have a Facebook profile. So I'm left out in the cold on this one. Bummer...
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    I'm with the poster who said there is no need to advertise the game stats on facebook so this is a pass for me. I rarely play the games anymore for that matter.

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