SoHo's Apple Store has become the latest singles hotspot.

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 17, 2004.

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    This could be the start of something new and beautiful. Cant say that I have ever tried to pick up a girl in a computer store.... as long as it is good for business it must be good.
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    Well, if you pick up a girl in a mac store, then you already know she has good taste. A women that likes macs is definitely a big plus in my book. :D
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    Bad idea

    Several times, I've set out to go to an Apple store and pick up women. The first time I got an iBook. Then a PowerBook. Then an iPod. Then a Power Mac. Then a display. I have never yet remembered why I was there or spoken to ANYONE but the cashier. It has been an expensive, utter failure.

    Taking my PowerBook to a bar and ignoring everyone has also been a failure. What to do?
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    From what I've seen of the flag ship Apple Store pictures, they seem like they have a very friendly atmosphere. A place where the customers are going to be more intelligent. Now Steve can say, come to SOHO and you might get more than just a Mac. :D

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