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Solafaa’s Review Of The iPod Shuffle

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by Solafaa, Jan 21, 2005.

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    Well at first it comes in this great little box, after opening it I was amazing. Not at the size of the iPod but rather on how much it wighes or I should say how much it does not. Its very light, while driving for 15 mins I could not feel it in my shirt pocket. I installed the cd then pluged the iPod and downloaded 130 songs (I got the 512mb version) onto it. All seems great till now.

    I am now in my car driving home, and get a taste of newest iPod from Apple. The sound it great, to my normal user ears it sound as good as it can. The controls are easy to use and are in the right place. I find that not having a screen is a bit on the downside since I got lost a few times trying go forward or go back to a song I heard. For my use on the other its great not having a screen, I just put the songs I want and hit the gym.

    iPod Shuffle vs iPod

    Here is the bug question, and a hard one unless you know what you want. I read a few post on how some people wanted to get rid of there iPod (5gb-10gb) to get an iPod Shuffle (some here and other forums). The iPod shuffle is for people with a small playlist or who are on the move a lot. I hit the gym 5 times a week and do many other sports. The problem I had was that the iPod is to large for me to carry around with me while doing sports. The iPod shuffle is very light and does the job I need very well in this area. Unless you need the protibility of the iPod Shuffle when doing any kind of sports your normal iPod is the better deal.

    Final thoughts

    All-in-all the iPod Shuffle is a great product, its small, sounds great and look good. I can use it as a USB thumb drive aswell, thou its not as fast as a normal one. I am very pleased with it so far and inted to use it a lot. If your looking for a flash mp3 player then this is the one for you, if you have a large collection and don’t mind the extra wight then stick with your normal iPod, I for one have two iPods, the U2 and the iPod Shuffle both are great players for different uses.

    Note: Pic is taken via camara phone

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    Thanks for the review. I was considering getting a Shuffle, but now that you mention it, maybe I'll get both the Mini and Shuffle :D I need a flash drive, too, so that probably makes sense.
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    Thanks for the review. When the iPod Shuffle was first announced, my first thought was "I'd never by that." However, I've come to see it as quite useful and it may be a perfect fit for me.
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    got a 40gb ipod myself but the shuffle would be great as it only costs £99 for the 1gb version and i could afford to abuse it a bit more ! rather than protecting it to death like my ipod.

    might get one !!!
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    Thanks for the review!
    Great to get some user experiences with it while waiting for my own to arrive! :D
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    aaand a short question..: :)

    How does it work with audiobooks?
    Say I listen to an audiobook, can I swich and listen to another song for a while, and then return to the audiobook and start where I last stopped? Or do I have to listen to the whole book at once?
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    Audiobooks and view

    I got mine yesterday (1G) and have been impressed thus far. Although I had trouble with an audiobook. When I did autofill from a playlist with just one audiobook it did not put it on. However, it did put it on if I just dragged it onto the shuffle. It will always start from the begining of the book. Is there anyway to automatically divide these files into chapters? And I'm still hoping for a way to burn an MP3 CD from an audiobook. Damn audible and making me carry 10 CD's when I have an MP3 CD player in my car. With 1G it can fit a ton of songs and obviously getting to anyone song is near impossible unless you remember your playlist. Although I found if you add them all onto the shuffle in order by artist and then switch to shuffle mode that within a few clicks you can usually get to the artist you are looking for and then switch back to playlist mode and go up and down within that artist until you find what you are looking for. Works if you need it to.
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    hmm.. too bad. thanks. :)

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