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Sold iPad 2 and picked up MBA 1.4ghz for $600

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by AlvinNguyen, Nov 12, 2011.

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    Its crazy how low the prices came down on the 2010 MBA but I just picked up a mint one for $600 - I sold my iPad 2 + leather portfolio + smart cover for $530 - for that small price difference the MBA is a much better choice.

    I'm a fashion photographer and I always bring my MBP 17" to locations and it's getting to be too much with my big asia trip coming up. I never edit on location anyways, only file transfers and looking over the shots. I'll probably pick up the iPad 3 to use as my portfolio (that's what my iPad 2 have been for). I don't really see myself ever using my iPad original or the iPad 2 - I just take it to meetings but I can easily do that with the air too. With a case + keyboard (needed for long email runs that I have to do) it's about the same weight as an air. The only thing I'm really missing is the longer battery life but for $70 more I'm really happy with the MBA. It does feel weird to have 2 laptops - I still have to travel with both of them. I will be leaving the 17" in the hotel for editing but for location shoots I'll bring the MBA.
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    Grats on your new MBA :) I got mine 2 weeks ago and it's great! Welcome to the 'family'(?) :D
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    Same here...

    I just did the same thing and loving it! I am definitely missing the battery life of the iPad but having a lightweight laptop with a full keyboard more than makes up for it. Enjoy!
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    How did you find it for only $600?

    I've been looking at ebay and can't find anything close to that.
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    I found it on CL for $650 and bargain it down to $600 - didn't come with a box but it has charger and all that and the warranty is out in 2 weeks but it was such a good deal and in great condition. For only a hundred more after I sold my iPad 2 16gb wifi and accessories I think it's quite a steal :p
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    you should def. add applecare before the 2 weeks is up !
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    I don't know if I want to do that considering it's $250 and I only paid $600 for the machine :/
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    You can get AppleCare on eBay for cheaper, but be careful who you buy it from! Make sure they've sold them before and have good feedback!
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    That's awesome- I have to keep looking at craigslist.
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    Yeah, at roughly $100 more than the cost of an iPad 2 16gb wifi used, you're looking at an entirely more robust beast of a machine! Bigger screen, flash, apps, 64gb vs 16gb on the iPad and the keyboard - this is where it's not even feasible to chose the iPad.

    I still need to get something to showcase my portfolio but I'm eyeing the Kindle Fire for that :D I would only need a tablet to put my pictures on to bring to meetings with art directors. Plus, at the price of a Kindle Fire I'll take both that + the air lol.

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