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Sold iphone 5 and bought the lumia 920

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Cdaddy112, Nov 9, 2012.

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    Well it was time for a change, I have had every iphone since launch and I am a huge apple fan but the updates just weren't doing it for me anymore. I bought a red lumia and WOW, just WOW. Nokia has made one hell of a phone, built in wireless charging, NFC, 32GB, amazing big screen, incredible camera, all for an off contract price of 449!!! Amazing. First off I keep reading in some reviews that the phone is too heavy, thats just plain inaccurate, maybe compared to the featherweight iPhone 5 its a little heavy but by no means is it anywhere near as heavy as reviews are trying to make it out to be. The build quality is fantastic, the nice curved screen glass sits flush with the body of the phone. I got the glossy red color and was surprised that its not slippery at all, and surprisingly it doesn't attract fingerprints as much as I though it would. I couldnt be happier.
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    Happy for your decision, I made the switch last february and havent looked back. Glad to see you are jack diesel enough to lift it haha, the reviews pounding it for its weight have pissed me off more than a tad. Sure looks beautiful though, cant wait to get mine in a few days. I went with stormtrooper white however :)
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    the white looked pretty slick in the store, the whole being too heavy thing has really bothered me too, it weighs pretty much the same as my girlfriends lumia 900 and I dont remember anyone calling that phone a fat pig. Seriously, if anyone is on the fence about buying one of these because of the weight I encourage to check one out and make up your own mind
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    I got the white one from the store this morning, liked it more than the black
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    Nokia has always made good hardware, I'm not interesting in hearing how you adjusted to Windows phone 8 OS and whether you found sufficient replacements for the apps that you used on your iphone.

    I'm currently considering this phone (waiting till Microsoft store opens in my city next week so I can go play with it for a bit). Everyone seems to love WP8 but few people are actually buying it.

    The wireless charging is somewhat of a gimmick though: you need to buy the pad/cushion for it and it still needs to be in a specific place, not hard to jsut plug the phone in at that point. Also a regular charger is probably easier to carry around.
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    the wireless charging is a pretty nice feature IMO, and it comes with a free pad if you buy the phone before november 17, which makes it an even better deal, app selection is slim right now but it has almost all of the more popular iOS apps.
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    Yeah, the whole app situation is really overblown to me, theres nothing Ive ever missed having a WP the last 2 years. Ive been perfectly ok with a blackberry and no apps the last 8 months, people are just spoiled and think they cant live without a bunch of apps that they lived without for the vast majority of their lives. Glad to see the white looks good, just wanted a neutral color that wasnt black, and I figured the gloss wouldnt bother me.
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    What are the software advantages in comparison to iOS? I'm curious, as it doesn't seem there would be many at all.
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    How do you rate the new version of Internet Explorer on it? I love the look of this phone, if I didn't get an iPhone 5, this would've been the phone I bought.
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    Very good maps with turn by turn and transit, smoothness on par with iOS, in between iOS and Android on customization, integration with other Microsoft products, looks pretty lol. Sure theres some more but thats just off the top of my head. Honestly just think its good for other people to see whats out there before proclaiming something the best, I hear enough hate from all sides without people thoroughly researching products and deciding whats best for them. Im just a lover of good technology and think WP8 is damn good.
  11. sviato, Nov 9, 2012
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    Flipboard is probably my most used app after Twitter and unfortunately its devs have no intention of bringing it to WP. Instagram is in the same boat, although I don't use it as often but my friends do and I like to see their photos.

    Is there any sort of jailbreak-level customization for WP yet?

    Edit: I didn't think the weight would be a big deal, but its 45g heavier than the 4S, which I already considered kinda hefty. And it's not a matter for having strength to lift it, it's a matter of comfort for carrying it around as well as using it. I will pick one up and see for myself though.
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    If I'm being honest safari is a little better, explorer is nice but it needs some work, hopefully microsoft can polish it a bit.


    well for me the big thing is integration with MS office. My job uses microsoft exchange and the integration with exchange compared to the iphone is FANTASTIC, if your not a big MS office user then it won't be as big of a deal. I actually prefer the live tiles in comparison with apples os, i was just getting bored with it
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    Yeah, at least they brought back find on page, why they took it out with mango is beyond me. Try going through an faq without that, good luck haha. From what Ive read IE10 is pretty damn fast, doesnt have a lot of the more advanced options like chrome or safari but in terms of performance it should be nearly the same.
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    speedwise its definitely on par with safari, buy yeah its just lacking some options. I expect updates to come


    another bonus is nokia music, maybe I'm late to the party on this but what a great app by nokia, you can stream some really great music for free or download them over wifi and have them ready to go so you dont eat up your data.
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    [/COLOR]another bonus is nokia music, maybe I'm late to the party on this but what a great app by nokia, you can stream some really great music for free or download them over wifi and have them ready to go so you dont eat up your data.[/QUOTE]

    Yeah, forgot all about that, thats a huge bonus. The main reason to get a 920 over a 8x, Nokia has some great exclusive apps. Granted,I already have way too much music to begin with, but if theres a house party that will definitely be used to its full extent.
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    Those may be true (except for it looks pretty), but I just can't imagine those being enough reasons to trade in the best ecosystem for the worst ecosystem (of the three).
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    Well considering how many people keep saying theyre bored of iOS...maybe just a change of scenery is all they need. And ecosystem is more than apps, other than Apple Microsoft has the best ecosystem with Windows PCs, tablets, and Xbox. I really want to know what these hundreds of apps are that will cause a mass suicide of Apple or Android users if they were missing from their lives.
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    Ouch thats gonna be weird driving a sleek sport car then switching to a big mini van! I found out the hard way with the lumia 900. The phone looks good, but way too big and heavy for a 2012 smartphone!
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    My Wife has a Windows phone (running 7.5) and it has all the major apps. Sure it is missing one here and there like instagram but imo that is no big deal. Missing instagram for me is hardly a deal breaker.

    Ill check them out but id only get the 920 and i dont have AT&T. $449 is a pretty good price imo for a off contract phone. Too bad it isnt unlocked too.
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    Its 185 grams, jesus, once again my girlfriend has an Inspire thats the same weight and shes never once even mentioned the phone being heavy. That and its a slightly thicker s3 pretty much, a couple millimeters is not really a lot to me. Have fun bending your Iphone 5 when you sit on it like some users have had happen to them, give me a solid phone that feels indestructible anyday. That nd the whole thing with anyone who has an Otterbox on their iPhone 5 has a heavier phone than the 920...give it up already.
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    I plan on taking Windows Phone 8 or a spin and run it in tandem with my iPhone for a few months, but no way in hell would I give up my iPhone 5 completely for a 920.

    I still think Windows 8 on all fronts are going to do good things in 2013
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    Lol @ speaking for everyone! I rock mine iphone 5 naked and it is not bend! Surprise bro? And yes the 920 is a huge phone for a 2012 smartphone read the year I mentioned above your post! Even with a couple millimeters it will make it a big difference! Look how going from a 4/4s to a 5! Major different.
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    Exactly!! The iPhone was so light it felt like a toy to me, nevermind the stupid anodized coating was scratched by everything it came in contact with, I got tired of worrying about all the scratches the damn thing got
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    Um, how did you make the switch to a phone that wasn't available last February (ie, the Lumia 920)??
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    Just like you speak for everyone who thinks extremely light is better. At least I know with Nokia quality control issues will be at a minimum and I wont have to exchange 5 phones just to end up with one thats acceptable. Im sorry you have midget hands, but by the syntax of your reply I can only assume I am not speaking to a grown up.


    Windows Phone itself, not specifically the 920. Sorry if that was confusing.

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