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Solutions to AirPlay mirror to Windows 7 PC?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by pilot1226, Mar 27, 2012.

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    Is there any program out there, free or paid, that allows you to Airplay mirror from your Apple TV to your Windows 7 based PC? I'd like to do this, and I know of a few companies/company that designed this for Mac OSX, but that doesn't help me on my main desktop.

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    Do you mean from iOS device to Windows 7 (i.e. like Reflection and AirServer do on Mac OS X) instead of to Apple TV? If so, there isn't anything that I am aware of yet (I'm looking myself), the closest and best that at least supports minimal Airplay (without mirroring) is XBMC 11.
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    There's an abandoned AirPlayer that works on Windows but is kind of flaky and unreliable. Also there is a plug-in for Windows Media Center though I never had much luck with it, either.
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    Airserver has been updated to run on the PC; it's beta now, but updates are coming (they say).
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    No, I want to access my desktop PC (upstairs) on my downstairs TV which is connected to AppleTV.
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    Your AppleTV3 will only output to a TV. It's an AirPlay receiver.

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