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    problem solved :)
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    Ive purchased the front and back and also received warranty replacements and i always get a full capsule. Half should be good for just the back.
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    I never bought the back only but it looks like there's a line at the half-way point so I'm sure yours arrived half full because you only need to apply one side. A full bottle wouldn't be necessary.
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    just fill the rest of it with water...temperature...whatever comes out when u turn on the faucet. it'll work just fine. (yes, i've done that and it's also what wrapsol support suggested if you don't want to wait for a replacement).

    i'm guess the water evaporates. its not a big deal.
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    or call them and get another, what's the big deal?
  6. dndandrea, Jun 9, 2011
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    it does not make it stick better only easier to apply.

    you can apply without it but it would be harder

    doesn't matter just fill it up you will be fine
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    lol, you're over complicating it. if it makes you feel better.

    Do you see the little faucet icon on the bottle? It says "FILL TO TOP". :rolleyes:

    So to break it down.

    1. unscrew the lid
    2. turn on a bathroom faucet just a little (cold water is fine)
    3. put bottle under dripping water to fill
    4. put lid back on
    5. go apply the skin
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    You know those solutiona are only 98 part water and 2 parts Palmolive?
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    True. but:

    1.) It comes with directions and it is not listed at all in there to add water.
    2.) People who have bought wrapsol in the past have a full capsule (meaning they do not add wateR).
    3.) The faucet icon could be for the person packaging the item letting them know to fill the solution to the top, or even to let them know fill solution to A amount and water to B amount.

    Adding water to something that isn't required will make it lose some of its properties. Why would they give me a big foldout directions but not say anything about filling solution up with water. Why is it not even on there website? Why do others get full solution and add ZERO amount of water? Might it be at half just because i only have 1/2 (HALF) of the protection (for back only)?
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