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Some Gran Turismo Photomode picture (big 56k warning)

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Symtex, Feb 25, 2005.

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    All the following picture have not been altered by any third party software. they have been generated in photomode or in the replay theather of Gran Turismo 4.

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    I can't wait for this game to be released!!!
    I've been waiting long enough!!!
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    Damn, that looks hot.

    Can I assume 'photo mode' is only available with one car, much like the "hi-res" version in GT1 was cut down to 4 cars? You don't appear to be racing. Could you post a few of the actual game?
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    Actually all the Deloran, Ford SVT Lightning and Mustang photo were taken while watching a replay of race I did.
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    Ni-ice :)

    Guess I need to find funds for that PS2, then.
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    Now that you say that, you can see the dramatic drop in detail, mainly in the backgrounds, with those pics compared to the others. Very very nice, still, but at least I can see how that pulled those graphics off on a PS2 now!

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    I think I might just get that game for the DeLorean... I wonder if it comes with time travel built-in, or if you have to find a mad scientist to help you out.
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    Photo mode lets you freeze a frame, pick camera angles etc, and then the ps2 renders out the shot and saves the image. None of these pics are realtime.
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    I spent quite some times playing with the camera shutters, focus lens, aperture, white level and camera angle. My first pic show my noobness in the mode. Once you start playing with the numerous option, you can get some pertty good shoots.

    My favorite is the Delorean read end shots follow by the Chrysler Prowler under the Las Vegas Strip. I would make more picture but I haven't earn enough car yet.
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    For a second i thought there was going to be a Mac version of GT4, then reality kicked in and got me down... Why aren't there good driving games for the Mac? Ford Racing 2 is just NOT good enough...
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    How long does it take to render? How does the quality compare to in-game graphics?

    I can't wait for the next gen of consoles, likely graphics like this will be rendered in real-time once their potential is realized. Granted the first games for XBox Next (Halo 3?) won't look that much better, but compare early games like Morrowind or Halo with the latest like Burnout 3 or Halo 2 to see how HUGE the difference is between early games, and optimize graphics engines.
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    Lord Blackadder

    I know I'll be getting it...

    I loved GT2 with its huge amount of weird cars (i.e. daihatsu midget), and I was bummed on the small number in GT3. I like the Skyline/NSX/Supra/300GT, but I also liked the musclecars, hopped up econoboxes and classic exotices like the DB4.
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    Between 5 - 10 seconds. Image is cleaner with FSAA compare to in-game graphics but not far from the current render.
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    I'm actually playing GT2 through at the moment (well, not this very moment), since I stupidly gave my PS2 away :eek:

    Forgotten just how cool the Red Rock Valley course was, man was I sick when they left that out of GT3! Flying around it in a super twitchy ZZII, such fun.
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    Mike Teezie

    Oh my God!

    I totally forgot that GT4 came out! Going right after work to try to pick that one up, for sure.

    That Delorean is ridiculously cool.
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    I love the delorean!
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    Otto Rehhagel

    How do you transfer pictures like this from the PS2 to a computer? I tried uploading them to my sony digicam, but it doesn't work. I am also too lazy to read the manual! :D
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    USB Thumb drive. you should read the manual.

    I just made those 2 new pic :

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    Dale Sorel

    So I guess that means you could use an iPod shuffle to get the pics into your computer?
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    yes. it was tested and it works.
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    Just got this game last night and it is amazing!
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    yeah i saw some of those pics before, pretty impressive stuff. :)

    but shouldn't that Delorian be flying? :p

    and what's up with that weird Nike car? :eek: :confused:

    can't wait for GT 4 to be released here in Aus-land. :D
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    Um.... guys maybe its because my eyes are so used to maya and lightwave renders... but these graphics are considered to be good? man, you guys really need to see what an xbox can do... playstations are just bad
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    This ain't an xbox vs ps2 flamewar thread. it's all about the car and picture.

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