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some idiot in my class threw a swich at my ibook.

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Mord, Oct 15, 2004.

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    it was a cisco switch one of those giant ones that have g4's in, it landed on my ibook when it was open and bent the screen all the way back, now there is a gap between the lcd and the bezel, now i get airport connection drop offs and the lid closes all bent.

    now i am wandering weather to send him an invoice for full repair at an apple center or to try and repair it myself.
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    Bill the bastard, no question.
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    Bill him. Make the idiot pay for being an idiot. A sound thrashing doesn't seem out of the question, either. Grrrrrrrrrr.
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    He should have insurance to cover for it.
    You sound very calm, I would have kicked hiss a$$ for being such an a$$.

    You don't touch a man's automobile, but you shure don't touch his mac neither! :mad:
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    this is at school btw, in a cisco lesson.

    and this is a 600MHz g3 ibook.

    i don't have his address but i could probably take it to the head teacher and see what he says.
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    I agree with the others that you should charge him for the repair.

    What is this "g4" that goes into a Cisco switch? I guess my mind isn't really working today.
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    Not that it really matters, but WHY did he throw the switch at your iBook?
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    I think seeing the head sounds a good idea, take it through the proper channels if possible.... unless you did something evil to wind him up.... either way though he trashed your stuff.
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    i did nothing to wind him up, i'm usually friends with him, he just threw it and expected me to catch it.

    now my airport reception is switching between full and one bar, before i could to 6 wireless points at school now i can connect to only 4 and there are all weak.

    my case is seriously warped i'll take a picture when i get home.

    the cisco switch is a 32 port one which is controlled my a motorola 7447 g4 it costs about £3000 that has not been tested to see if it still works but it probably will as they are fairly robust, they are like a 1/2 size xserve but just a switch.

    i taked to my head of year and he says that he is liable to pay for a replacement or repair as long as he is not poor, which he is not he's fairly well off so his parents could afford the costs.

    now i would like to know weather to take it apart and see where the airport antenna go's and to find the weak connection solder it back on and re bend the case so it look's normal again.
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    Bill Him????? If it were mine by now he'd be in A&E having an ibook removed from his arse!

    What's it matter if he's poor? Being poor shouldn't absolve anyone from being responsible for his actions. Bill him and if he won't pay take him to small claims.

    Oh yeah....don't take it apart or try to fix it yourself. You want it as it is otherwise they could claim you broke something else.
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    well it's a case modded ibook unfortunately.

    it's pretty obvious what the damage is on my ibook and five people saw what he did. so if it went to court he would go down.

    i dont want it to go to court as i'm pretty certain i can fix it myself if i could invoice him for repair and fix it myself that would be the best.

    his mum would pay for it and make stop his pocket money untill he has payed it off, she's really strict.
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    Do not try yourself, just go to an apple center, let them give you a bill of how much it would cost to repair it, get the money from the guy, sell your ibook as it is (if you can) plus money, you may get a better machine with educational discount :rolleyes: ... is that possible? ohh, do not forget to kick his *ss :mad: ;)
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    i just noticed the spelling in the thread title :p. i'm an apple technician so i'm well capable of fixing it myself.

    i sent an email to square group to see how much they would charge for the repair, i'll invoice him for that much fix it myself sell it to my dad (who need a laptop at the moment) and buy a refurb 15" powerbook.
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    ohh you had to say that, if you are certified to do that, go! and get a new machine...
  15. mpw

    If it was at school during a lesson then the teacher should've been in control of all his students. If he wasn't then the school's insurance might be liable for the damage if you can't get it from the pupil.
    Whatever I wouldn't try to fix it until you've at least found out. You might end up with new for old in which case you can seel your dad a G4 iBook and put the extra toward a new pBook.
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    Who to blame isn't the issue. The issue is how to get the iBook repaired. Once, the billing is finished, then Hector (we meet again) or somebody will probably repair it. Also, after a little Dealtime searching, I found (here) that the iBook is selling for as little as $945. So the iBook is hardly worth less than 4 times that amount.
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    Ok, first off, what the hell was he doing throwing a switch. If I was the teacher I would fail him and throw him out of the class. You do not do something like that with a expensive piece of equipment, especially when its not yours.

    I would let the teacher know, so that the teacher knows that you will be billing the classmate for what he did. The teacher should back you up on this becuase the throwing of equipment should never be done. Now Apple probably does not have G3 parts lying around so you might just have to do a self fix. Either way that it gets fixed, have the other guy who threw the equipment pay the bill.
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    your 600mhz G3 was ready to say goodbye a long time ago. look at this as assistance from your friend in getting you to move on. perhaps some dealers would like to sell it to you for $1000 as some have posted, but for that price why not just buy a 12" powerbook? the price some people will charge you isn't always the real value. ebay? ya that's the best way to find out an items value...considering people on there tend to be incapable of finding a deal and pay WAY over an items value.

    o well, good luck in getting it fixed, have you tried asking him to just pay for it yet? that's usually the best place to start.

    and i bet when you buy a system it comes with:
    OSX 10.3.5 (CD not supplied)
    Photoshop CS
    Illustrator CS
    GoLive CS
    InDesign CS
    Acrobat Professional
    Version Cue
    Word 2004
    PowerPoint 2004
    Excel 2004
    Entourage 2004

    the ebay ibook you linked too includes enough software (legal or not) to make the ibook more of a bonus than the actual item you're buying. those programs alone cost more than he's asking for his ibook.

    ya but then he won't get any money and that's his entire motivation for all of this...as he said he could just fix it himself, but then he won't get anything out of it.
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    To do this right, you MUST have your iBook repaired by an Apple Authorized Service Center. That way you can make sure that everything is repaired completely and for the appropriate cost. Once this is done, you present him with the bill and have him pay the full amount.

    This is the fair and proper way to handle such a situation.
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    I respect when people are too poor to afford to give things away, I am in the same situation. However, I was under the impression that if you are too poor to give your family a computer, you are too poor to buy a new top of the line PBook either. He seems to just be looking to get paid for his laptop, then fix it himself at little to no cost, pocket the money, then sell it to his dad, pocket that money, then buy a brand new computer. That doesn't sound poor, that sounds greedy, but I'm pretty sure I'm crazy.
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    I came into the thread figuring that if somebody else damaged your computer, intentional or not, then have him pay. But since the action was intentional and in violation of ethical conduct in your class (could lead to the student's suspension), he knows what he's done, and his morals have gotten the best of him. So certainly request that he (or his parents) pay for the damage. At least the offender will feel like his punishment isn't detention or suspension, a feeling that much haunts many students. Additionally, if the iBook can't be repaired, or if it isn't worth the cost, then get a case for the internal drive to save your data, and have him pay for the cost of the replacement computer. (Oh, and get another iBook, because the iBooks are more durable than Powerbook.)
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    the king talks sense! hell if someone bent my powerbook i would demand their details there and then, just like if someone smashed up your car. Powerbooks are sometimes worth more than some cars!!!!

    I know its an old(ish) computer but maybe get insurance next time? then instead of paying for a new computer someone would pay the excess and the rise in your insurance policy?
    just a thought? i wouldn't take my powerbook out if i didn't have insurance!
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    the guy who dropped the switch on my ibook is a semi friend of mine and i was a bit miffed when it happed so i raved abit about chargeing him for full repairs, he is also a porr student like myself so even is he is a bit of a idiot it's not worth me screwing his life up for a few months which is what chageing him £300 for a rapir would do, what i am going to do is order a replacement bezal and case and repair it myself and he has agreed to pay for the parts.

    as for my powerbook lust I payed for my ibook for money I earnt from doing a paper round for two years, i'm not just going to give it to my dad, my dad agreed to pay £350 towards a new powerbook if i get the money for it, as he wants to do light writing around the house,I could sell my ibook for about that much locally i could not afford a powerbook without that. me extorting money from the culprit would be unfair and that was just me when i was miffed i'm allot calmer now.

    i found a ibook bezal on ebay on a 10 day listing i'll see how high that go's and maybe bid on it.

    as for annother ibook i'll be getting a powerbook as soon as i have enough money for a new refurb.

    as for insurance hell no, it costs like £10 a month and i keep good care of my ibook and this is the first bit of damage it has had inflicted on it after nearly 3 years that would have been £360 of insurance to cover a £50 repair.

    the culprit has been told that if he dose anything like that again he is being kicked out of school which i don't want him to be.

    as for this "make them f**king pay" attitude after thinking about it i don't want to inflict such a great cost on someone when i can fix it myself for about £50 worth of parts.

    he's an idiot but he made a mistake i'm not going to ruin 5 months of his life for that.
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    Hey Hector, i'm a university student in the UK and it costs me £30 extra a year to insure my Powerbook up to the value of £1500. If you take out an individual policy just to insure your iBook it will probably be pretty expensive. However for me i pay a little and am covered anywhere in the UK. I could leave it on the tube and still claim, i could run over it in my car and claim. For me its not very expensive but then i pay less for being a student.

    Just thought i'd let you know ;)
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    Take some advice from a former university prof: you're not doing your "friend" a "favor" by not holding him accountable for his actions.

    He won't respect you. He already has shown he doesn't respect you by throwing whatever piece of equipment he threw at your computer.

    He's NOT your friend. And you can't buy his continued non-friendship by pretending he didn't damage your iBook.

    He did.

    There were witnesses.

    And it costs you in time energy and money. Look how much energy and consternation it has already cost you by posting this thread.

    Stand up for yourself. It's okay. It's called personal integrity. People respect you for that. People want to be friends with people who have it.

    So quietly calculate the bill and present it to him or to whomever is financially responsible for him. In the US, your parents are financially responsible for you until the age of 18. Don't mention that you do apple repair yourself or don't make it an issue. Just get the money and whatever you do with it afterward is YOUR decision.

    Get some backbone. It is okay to have a clear idea of money. It means you are being honest. It doesn't mean you are a capitalist pig. It also means that you spent your hard time working for your computer, tough luck if he has to spend five months (or whatever) working off his debt.

    Don't buy into the idea that different monetary classes have to be held to different moral or legal standards because of their "class" (poor student, rich parent, whatever). This is watery Marxism, and Marx is responsible for the destruction of the economies of most of eastern europe. Fair is fair, despite phony "class" distinctions. Some poor people are greedy and evil, some rich people are generous and good. You are letting someone off the hook for phony arguments and to your own self-deprecation -- not to mention the broken iBook!

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