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Some of Leopard's 300+ New Features

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Oct 18, 2007.

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    With Leopard's official announcement, Apple now details a list of 300+ new features that can be found in Mac OS X 10.5.

    Sitening compiled a list (with descriptions) of 16 of what they felt were the coolest least known features coming in Leopard.

    • TextEdit: OpenDocument and Word 2007 Formats
    • Terminal: Workspaces
    • .Mac Sync for System Preferences
    • Guest Log-In Accounts
    • Grammar Check
    • Scroll Non-Active Windows
    • Printer Drivers via Software Update
    • PDF Manipulation in Preview
    • Self-Tuning TCP
    • Archive Mailbox
    • SMS Forwarding
    • Event Dropbox
    • Font Auto-Activation
    • Instant Screen Sharing from the Finder
    • Wikipedia in Dictionary
    • Synchronize with Yahoo! address book

    Yesterday, we took a look at some of the under the hood improvements and system requirements as compared to Tiger.

    Meanwhile, AppleInsider looks at iCal 3.0 and Safari 3.0, and Apple has updated their website, which shows off the major new features of Leopard.

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    LOVE getting printer drivers via SWU. It's such a hassle sometimes through the manufacturers' sites. Hopefully Apple has it down.
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    Also paves the way to third party downloads. This will tie in well with the application signing for security measures.
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    Most of those I can definitely use.
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    Support in Textedit of MS Office and Oo_Org? AWESOME! Even basic text editors should be compliant in these filetypes too :D

    Other than that, things like a non-beta Bootcamp are good for me!
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    PDF Manipulation in Preview!!! HELLSYA!!
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    Grammar check FTW!
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    A good pick. Sometimes the little features, tweaks and improvements can make as much difference as the headline items.

    Maybe I'm being swept along on the hype, but in recent weeks I've been wondering why any home user would want to use anything other than a Mac once Leopard is introduced. They're so far ahead of Windows Vista in every single respect.

    If there is any justice in the world, then Apple should really significantly eat into MS's home marketshare over the next year or two.

    Also, I'm sick of being asked to set-up & fix Windoze PCs belonging to friends, family and colleagues. If they all just switched to Mac then my life would be way easier, and so would theirs.

    There's my £0.02p.

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    Yeah, but where is java6

    As long as there is no java6 Leopard is completely useless for me and thousands of other developers. I'm not going to spend my money on Leopard as long as there is no confirmation of Java support..

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    I was just trying to scroll a window in the background yesterday while taking notes for a class. It seems intuitive so Im glad it was added to the list of improvements!
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    "Guest log in"?

    I think I've already done that by creating a "guest" user account with no password required.
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    Umn does that mean "home on ipod" is finally here or am i missing the point :confused:?

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    I'm wondering if iChat SMS will work in the UK (although I seriously doubt it)...
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    I think guest log in is awesome, don't have to worry about people leaving junk behind and don't have to worry about nosy visitors looking into my journal etc.

    Grammar check is always amusing with its suggestions, unless Apple has really one-upped the one Microsoft uses in Word.
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    They're great. Because:

    1 - OpenDocument and W2k7 support be good :)
    2 - OMFG I'm in terminal all the time using SSH, it'll be great ;)
    3 - Maybe MacRumors members can use it :p
    4 - I've been wanting Mail.app to do this for years now. :rolleyes:
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    But this will reset that guest account on logout, so you don't have to worry about maintaining the account.
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    perhaps paving they way while testing the waters, after all it is not for general public use being on the server page.
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    Having a Mail activity progress bar will be awesome, its hard to see whats going on now...
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    it's more secure though. kind of like a sandbox type thingy.

    i'd assume :rolleyes:
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    This is possible now in Address Book. I noticed it recently but not sure if it's a 10.4.10 feature?
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    I've had to say WOW to quite a few of those. A great bunch of ideas. More useful to me than some of the already known features. It looks like I may be getting Leopard as soon as it comes out after all! :D
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    8 short days

    oh man, can't wait. text edit support for word and open document - brilliant!! plus guest login will be awesome since coworkers at work, friends at home/school are always on my computers. would rather not have them looking at mail, personal documents! how fantastic!!
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    Thank God. One less person to bitch about the new dock!
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    Self-tuning TCP.. sweet. I guess now I'll be able to see if my 15Mbps FiOS internet is really near 15Mbps. So far it seems too slow. Though perception is different than hard numbers when calculating net speed.
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    AutoFS. :D

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