Some pictures of my best skins ever on black iPhone 3g

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by em5photog, Aug 9, 2008.

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    Here are a couple pictures of my best skin ever BSE on my new iphone . I added a review here and some tips Updated Review
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    pretty good job, where are the pictures for the front?
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    I only put the back on i am using a anti glare screen protector on the front
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    Nice!!! What happened to the 2 piece back? Corners look great. My BG corners are looking terrible and accumulating dust!
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    they have the option now for a 1 piece back which is what i ordered was not to bad to install
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    Insulin Junkie

    It looks good *nods*
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    Looks great except the orange peels seem excessive...
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    Insulin Junkie

    I think it makes a nice pattern.. :)
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    Looks good. Is there any way to avoid the orange peel effect or is it just the texture of the skin?
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    That looks great!


    It's a skin............

    The phone won't look like it doesn't have a skin. ;)
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    Thanks for the pics.
    Props to Bestskinsever.
    They sent me a 2 piece back with my original order and then they just sent me a 1 piece for free!
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    looks great! do you mind uploading a pic of the side view (so we can see what the coverage around the volume rocker button and the vibrate button is like)?

    i have a NLU bodyguardz and it was HARD to get the corners down (i spent over 5 hours getting the back on)

    it seems like the BSE have a much simplified way to cover the corners. (the diagonal slits is a great idea
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    Very Sexy! Can't wait for my BSE 1pc back to come in.
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    Awesome job! Do you have any special instructions to share on applying the back film? I just placed an order for two sets of the back film.

    Best regards,
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    Until a picture gets uploaded I'll just tell you that the cutout for the volume and vibrate button is almost perfect. The volume button honestly couldn't be cut any better (thats actually what I used to line up)... The corners are still a pain on the BSE but from what I hear they might be a bit easier then Bodyguardz... My last BSE application took under 45 min and I'm pretty content with the way it turned out. Only suggestion is GET IT WET!
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    I suffered because I thought doing it in the shower with hot water would make it wet enough.. even though i added a few drops to the back piece mine doesn't look nearly as good as the op. I have white so that might also contribute to it.

    anyways, it's definently a worthwhile investment with a case.
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    ??? Don't use hot water to apply the skin as hot water evaporates too fast and the skin would start to stick before you get a chance to position it properly.
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    Best tip is not to spray water on the skin it is better to dunk it in the solution 10oz water and tiny drop soap and then shake it off.
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    I added a review here and some tips BSE review
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    I just put my second...neh...third BSE on the back of my black 3g.

    1st was the 2 piece and the seam was just annoying to me.

    2nd had to come off in order to fit in my Griffin Elan Form case.

    3rd went back on because I decided no case, no extra bulk.

    I also dunk mine right in the water, the more water the easier it is to go on without a mess of little bubbles.

    I truley believe that BSE is the best skin available due to price and coverage/ease of install.

    Also regarding the corners. Get your skin aligned as best you can, try and get the corners down a little then walk away for a bit. Don't sit there and try to get them to stay if they aren't staying down. After a little while of dry time they stick right down no problem.
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    Is that the 'easy dock' version?

    Is it such a tight fit that it won't accomodate a 'skinned' iPhone 3G?
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    Yup, that's the one. I tried to put it in and it literally tore the skin right off, and locked my phone in to where I had to bend the case to get it off. It was not fun.
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    Wow! Thanks for the info. I'm glad I saw your post because I've just ordered one of those cases and I was going to put a BSE on as well. Time for a re-think!
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    NP, glad I could help.

    As much as I really liked that case I decided I just liked the phone naked too much, so now I just use the skin. It's too bad that best of both worlds wasn't possible with it.
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    nice work, mine didn't come out looking like that at all....

    i used the 2 piece back and ripped it off after a day.

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