Some potentially awesome news!

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by Vlade, Jun 6, 2003.

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    Mr. Anderson

    I posted over there referring them to our Team Apple thread.

    Lets see where this goes and thanks for finding it!

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    I've posted, too. Let's see whether this ball gets rolling...:)
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    I hope you dont merge the forums since many threads already go into the serval hundred (in terms of posts), if MA merged with MR some threads could go into the thousands.
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    they're talking about Folding, not the forums.
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    Does anyone else wish that people would actually specify this sort of thing? Folding seems to spur a lot of random threads that have no giveaway to what they are-- and hell, i even fold. But it's a common courtesy to disclose the topic of conversation...

    and this could be cool... but wouldn't we lose our existing WU's? At least towards team count...

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    Somebody would, since teams can't be combined. But if the new "super Mac" team was built from this team, we wouldn't lose our WUs, just (potentially) the current team name.
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    Well I did post in the FOLDING forum.

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