Some songs and videos randomly decided to not play on my iPod...?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by seenew, Jun 6, 2007.

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    Whenever I sync my iPod now, it says 123 songs/videos weren't synced because they weren't a playable format. What gives? I even checked which songs, reconverted them to mp3, and it still won't work. I think I may have like a week left on the year warranty...

    edit: it's the 5G 60GB, with software version 1.2.1
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    Oh, and I restored it and all, and it still says that.
    My favorite songs are the ones affected, too! :(
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    Yeah, it's not actually to do with your iPod being faulty, it's more to do with the way iPod actually handles the codecs I believe. iTunes is a lot more open when it comes to file formats, as it was intended to be a multimedia application. iPod on the other hand is a portable device, and so they need to make sure the file formats are VERY STRICt (for performance reasons - decoding can use processor cycles and therefore battery). so iTunes converts them beforehand.

    However, there are certain codecs (even within MP3 itself) that fail to translate, although I'm not sure why? or whos at fault? Apple or the codec? It does seem weird seeing as it would have to decode the file to even play it in the first place. Seems most likely that there are locking protections built into the codec or even metadata?

    The good news is that your iPod isn't broken. The bad news is that the songs probably just won't play on it. Could it be you could try recording them manually with a program and then converting into mp3? Thats what I'd do.
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    Burn them to CD, then re-import :)
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    I just realized and odd and telling coincidence.

    All of the songs affected are albums I downloaded from the iTunes store. :confused: I always reimport my iTunes purchases, to strip the DRMs, and it works fine (duh). But now, I think the iTunes 7.2 update somehow caused this... I really don't understand it, since these songs have no more ties to the store... What's going on?
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    Okay, I have gone through and checked all of the items that the error lists and they are all songs I have previously purchased on iTunes, and a few episodes of some podcasts. WHAT GIVES?! WHY CAN'T I SYNC THESE FILES ANYMORE?

    iTunes "Plus." My a$$. "Plus a lot of problems"
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    Okay, just converted all the songs (146) to "Apple Lossless." They work on my iPod now. :\ I don't know how to fix podcasts (23), since they should work on an iPod, by definition.
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    Make sure in the iTunes info panel, that iTunes thinks that your iPod is the correct model. Similar weirdness with some iPods here turned out to be that.
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    No, it shows the correct picture of it, so it's the right model.
    Great, but now each song is around 25MB each. Terrific.

    I'm going to see if they still work when converted back to mp3s..
    (saving the lossless versions in a folder)
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    Aaaaand when I convert them BACK to mp3s, they don't work again.
    How have these songs been blocked from my iPod?!
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    I still think I'd back up anything on iPod and not already in iTunes, then do the whole restore thing. It's pretty clear iTunes and the iPod are disagreeing on what its capabilities are :/

    [Edit: Oh, I see you already restored. Have you also tried a reset, and trashing your]
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    same here

    same exact problem on my end, it HAS to be the update as the songs played before just fine. I converted my high bitrate MP3's (iTunes purchases originally) back to AAC and they played again. It's an iTunes bug. gotta be. it all started happening with the last update.
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    I am SO GLAD I'm not the only one.
    I pray for an update. This is screwed up.
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