Some young religious voters focus on social justice over abortion, sexuality

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by leekohler, Apr 27, 2008.

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    Well- it's about damn time. Too bad these folks weren't able to vote last time around. I was wondering when the religious left would get some exposure. This is good to hear.
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    Yes Yes!

    Those are the type of religious I like to see!
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    Finally. It's taken too long for the press to give them the coverage they deserve.
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    Gotta be a hoax Lee,

    Everyone knows the two biggest issues facing the US today are whether women can terminate their pregnancies and whether homosexuals can marry. If you get those two things sorted then minor problems like ongoing war and financial ruin will basically sort themselves out.

    At least, that's an outsider's opinion.
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    Haha! Well, of course. Everyone knows that we homos are out to destroy the country. :)
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    Well derrr....

    It's all in the name:

    Homosexual: Latin derived, from "Homo" meaning "destroyer of" and "sexual" meaning "good, decent, god-fearin' folk"
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    This is good news. Happy to hear it.
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    It's a shame religion and politics are so closely related in this country - it's even more of a shame that religion seems to persuade hard working people to vote against their interests.
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    I second that, and I'm not even American. Religion and politics needs to be separated, they really don't belong together.
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    What's really funny is that no one on the right ever seems to notice that despite all the talk of abortion and gay rights, the GOP rarely actually does much about it. Sure, they've impeded gay rights somewhat, but they're still getting more and more rights every day. Abortion hasn't changed either, and probably won't. What's even funnier is that abortion went down under Clinton. But just like with actual military support vs just talking about it, image has more to do with it than reality. People fall for it, the media doesn't talk about it, and the opposition doesn't do enough to fight against it.

    Hopefully this time around people are pissed off enough to actually vote for their interests, but we've been disappointed before, and let's face it, Obama isn't perfect.
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    Thanks for posting that Lee. That article pretty much sums up my Wife and I perfectly: Young christians who feel the social gospel of Christ is what matters in politics. Not the legalistic, morality debate which has captured the attention of many religious individuals.
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    Hey man- I've been waiting for this for a long time. It sucks that it hasn't been brought up in the media sooner.
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    Well you know, people doing the right thing doesn't sell many papers or garner many viewers.
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    And obviously doesn't get commented on that much either, given how tiny this thread turned out to be. ;)
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    Hey, someone actually gave a voice to people like me. It's about time. I'm tired of the Republicans having a monopoly on "religion."

    Plus all their "religion" is terrible theology... Don't even get me started on creationism...
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    I'm glad you decided to continue posting in this forum.

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