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Someone Doesnt Understand Tuners

Discussion in 'Community' started by nucleaicus, Jun 11, 2003.

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    I know this is a bit dated, but i have just recently come across it and decided to get some new opinions since the original author seems a bit biased torwards "tuner cars and the idiots that drive them."
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    "tuner cars" and the idiots that drive them...
    Last night, I was on the way back to get my own vehicle after going to a wake (had car pooled since I had never been to where the wake was held). Going down the highway in moderate traffic when four (maybe five) little tuner cars came zipping up and weaving around traffic. It looked like they were racing, and came dangerously close to causing a few accidents in the processes. Later, when turning off the highway to get to my own vehicle, all of the tuner cars were pulled over by a highway patrol car, with all the drivers standing around and another vehicle (not one of the tuners) looked like it had been in an accident.

    My question for the masses... What is your OPINION of these types of cars and those that drive them? Also, how stupid does their engine sound? Having a little 4 banger with a loud exhaust just sounds moronic. It [essentially] sounds like a model airplane, not a car. A better sound would come from a V6 or V8, a 4 banger just can't have a good audio quality, no matter what kind of exhaust system they install.

    Personally, I believe that they are the reason insurance rates are as high as they are. I also think that they are several brain cells short of a pair. They rank right up there with the people who have 200watt+ stereo systems in their cars which you can hear inside your vehicle, even when a hundred (or more) yards away.

    Feel free to rant and rave all you want. I'd like to hear from both sides of this.

    ...as would i. I think that instead of trashing one group of automotive enthusiasts, the title should read "fast cars, how do idiots get their hands on them?" i dont think that because you drive a certain type of car, that youre and idiot, i think its how you handle your car. and with increasing amounts of horsepower comes increasing amounts of responsibility needed to control your car and yourself. everyone is responisible for the safety of everyone else on the road. Ive seen the carelessness of drivers of both import tuners and american iron.

    As for the sound of a loud race exhaust on a 4 cylinder engine, i think thats all up to who's driving it. some think a loud exhaust on a V8 sounds bad, while others hear music when the pedal is on the floor. Personal preferrence is no reason to make biased statements torwards other people's interests. I learned to appreciate the new import styling as well as that of old american iron. I own an 84 Camaro Z28 that my dad and i rebuilt 3 years ago. I love that car, but recently purchased a 96 Eclipse that ive been working on. Im excited to begin ordering my body kit and wing, as well as my performance parts for this new project. My dad, who is in his 60's, owns an award winning 68 Firebird, but after helping me with the Eclipse, has decided he likes it and bought a 96 Eclipse of his own to work on. Although he may not care for my choices on what i do to my Eclipse, he is supportive of my ideas and preferrences. Plus, with a few modifications, i can have the power of my Camaro with the fuel efficiency of my mom's sedan. With todays sky-rocketing gas prices, it definately sounds like a plus.

    The new wave of import tuners arent rebelling against those who choose to drive V8's, they are merely following the path first cut by the HotRodders of days past, and they are using the cars of their day to do it with. The goal of horsepower and speed seem to be a common denominator between those who modify imports or domestics.

    ----and as for the comment about the 200+ watt stereo systems, i do take offense to that. I am currently pursuing a career in the mobile security/audio field, and see loud systems as just another form of expression painted over the canvas of your car. Whether it be bodykits, wings, tubbed out rears, M/t Slicks, or loud sound systems, the motive is all the same. Make your car how you want it, even though there are people no matter what, who will trash your sense of style. I agree tacking a wing on a car doesnt make it faster, but neither does chrome, and people use a lot of it. -Stephen C.
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    There was a reason this thread was left for dead. It is for the most part a very volatile subject.

    I personally am a mechanical guy having always liked to hop up cars, bikes, lawnmowers what have you and have been a Service Manager at a motorcycle shop for a number of years. I have to agree though with the initial assumption that these people are morons. They think adding a huge wing and a muffler will make there car go? The vast majority of them are a bunch of kids with no idea of what they are doing. They saw a few mechanical geniuses build a really fast import car and all they saw was the muffler and wing. They hand no idea that they actually serve a purpose. You can make a cylinder car sing and sound great but not by attaching a chromed trash can on the end of the exhaust. From what I have seen there is an excepted quality of sound that the vast majority of motor-sports enthusiasts will agree upon whether it is a single cylinder or a 12 cylinder motor. What the majority of these people (kids) are doing is paramount to slaughter just to prove there ***** size and be attractive to the opposite sex.

    Also I have absolutely no problem with loud stereo systems especially for competition. I just have a problem with them when they are pushing 112db in traffic right next to me or going down the street next to my house at 2am in the morning. Those people are lucky there are laws against shooting at them. As for competition use and at the occasional party away from people they're great. I've even helped build the occasional car and our personal record was 157db.
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    the author of said thread (ie, alphatech) is rarely around anymore. so you may not even get a response. either way, it's not really worth digging it up, as per the reasons bandit gave.
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    yeah...so we'll see if this even take off or if it starts trouble again... ;)
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    The problem as I see it is that these kids (usually kids) see their car as a way of expressing themselves which is fine, but as soon is someone is critical of what they've done to their car they become defensive and would rather fight you than talk about it. This is of course just my personal experience.

    I drive a 2001 Acura CL and I can't even beigin to describe to you how many times I've pulled up to a red light and one of these pin heads with a three foot wing and coffee can exhaust tries to race me. Something about Acura's that get these people all ready to go. If you want to race your car you need to take it out to a track rather than endangering other people's lives.

    What it all comes down to is having respect for other people on the road. I find the noise pollution from these people (wether it be American or import) to be the most annoying aspect of it all. The combination of someone's exhaust and their stereo should not require that I yell in order to speak to someone in my own car.

    To summarize:
    What you think is cool other people might find to be ridiculous. This is not an excuse to fight them.

    If you want to race go do it at a track where you won't be risking other people's lives.

    Have atleast a small bit of respect for other people on the road. (Some people are already bad drivers. Don't allow your stereo to confuse their senses even more.)

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    great points mkubal.

    it's like anything people do to express themselves... skateboarding, art, etc... it's all good until it imposes on the general public....

    whether it be graffiti or driving loud cars in little residential neighborhoods, etc.
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    I once took some kid in a civic a few months ago. He had all this crap on his car...it looked like a spaceship or something.

    My Matrix XRS...he he...60mph out of 2nd gear...he was a few carlengths behind me...

    I felt liberated... :D
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    I got in a race about a year ago with a mod'd civic 2 door. I was driving my fiancé's '97 Corrola 4 door with just wheels and good tires (we've since put better suspension under it and uprated brakes - made a big difference). He took me on the straight but then we hit a 2 lane off-ramp that's a 270 degree turn. I smoked past him on the inside lane. He was all but out of control in the outside lane. He kept jerking the wheel around the corner causing minor slides causing him to lose speed. Sometimes skill can greatly overcome the lack of equipment. I bet he went and told everyone how he just smoked me and then proceeded to tell them how trick the car was that he was racing. If they only new the real story.

    It always feels good to squash these moders with a stock slug of a sedan. You just got to judge what you are doing before hand and be ready to back off if it's going to be dangerous to them or any bystanders. I've gotten into situations on the motorcycle were I've let the other guy go because they would have killed themselves trying to keep up.

    Personally I don't really have a problem as I have said with any of the modifications they do as long as they aren't irritating as noise is. The freedoms you have are fine to use until they impede on the freedoms of others. This is the situation of noise, smoke, cell phones, segways and any else that could be considered possibly irritating to other people.
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    It's not an issue of the cars, its the people in them. Lame people will suck in whatever hobbies/lives they pursue.
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    so true... too many dumb people in general.

    hard to deal with in a big city. though at least with a high density population, you have a chance of getting *some* cool folk out of it.
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    i know what you mean, i have a acura legend and that car hauls. its still faster than my mom's bmw z3 and 3 series. My friend souped up his bmw 3 series he got for his birthday and races it all the time. he does it a track though and its real fun. most the places i see street racing done is on a street they have closed off (untill the cops have come). usually the only lives that are risked are the drivers but still on a track there isnt a chance of someone walking across the road.

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    In other words: guns don't kill people - people kill people? :D Just trying to hijack a thread that was restarded for some reason. I remember that thread and it feels a bit like - oh how do you say - beating a dead horse?
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    Look there are enough accidents on the roads as it is and fine tuning your car to race isn't going to help that any. If you want to race then sign up with a league and do it, legally, but don't put other people at risk because you think your cool etc.

    Anyways, yeah this thread was already shut down once, and it's heading in that same direction already.....

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