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somewhere in Africa, I guess

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by staigerman, Aug 17, 2006.

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    just a quick two doodles by Dan Ritchie made with PD Particles. I'm waiting to see who can run it on Macs.

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    Those are nice.:)
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    That's more talent than good software!
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    Please elaborate on this software, it's pretty impressive looking.

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    uhm, no, actually I think it's just the opposite. Yes, the artist and creator of PD Artist is a true talent too, but this software is aimed at letting many others do the same easily, as it shoots particles from the mouse and 'grows' the shrubbery and foliage from it.

    I just did this mini tutorial:


    Ok, so I won the Digital Iron Artist competition in Atlanta at DragonCon last year, but I would again attribute that more to having the right tool.

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    The software is PD Particles, a standalone version of a particle paint plugin for Project Dogwaffle, called Optipustics. These can be found also in PD Pro, in v2, in the new PD Artist and in the freeware Project Dogwaffle 1.2 - not all in the same levels of sophistication, but still.
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    Does it have a Mac version then?
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    Wow, that's really awesome. You're very talented.
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    not native on Mac as of yet. I'm looking for intermediate alternatives, like running it under Virtual pc, or on Windows XP/Bootcamp

    Anyone here have that available to test the freeware version or the demo of PD Pro 3.5?

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