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Song capacity at 320kbs

Discussion in 'iPod' started by JDN, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. JDN
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    Im looking to get a shuffle just for going running, now it says on the apple site 240 tracks at 128kbs ... which is a horrible sounding quality. Most of my music is at 320kbs or 320kbsVBR ... how much can i expect to fit on a shuffle at those kinds of qualities?
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    Honestly, above a certain level the sound quality difference is really minor. 320kbps is almost overkill. I encode mostly at 192kbps AAC.

    That said, it's a fixed amount of data. The ratio of your current bitrate to 128kbps is 2.5:1, so you should be able to fit 96 standard medium-length tracks on a shuffle.
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    What headphones are you using to listen to 128kbs music that makes it sound worse the 320 kbps. Because if it's iPod headphones, it's very hard to tell the difference.
  4. JDN
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    The problem is, i don't just listen to my music on my mp3 player (don't own an iPod yet). If i had the space, id go lossless, but i don't. Anyways, 96 tracks is plenty. Ill never need more than an hours worth of music on it.
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    Well, there is actually an option on the Shuffle wherein it will re-encode copies of the songs to 128kbps before placing them on the player. So you can have your nice high quality versions on your hard drive and it'll resample them with higher compression for your Shuffle. Best of both worlds.
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    Just so you know in future its pretty easy to work this stuff out

    320kbps = 40kBps (8 bits in a byte)

    So 1 min is 2400KB or 2.34MB (1024KB in a MB)

    So 1 gig of space can store roughly 430 minutes of music, or just over 100 tracks (if you take track length as 4 minutes average)
  7. JDN
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    Cheers for that!
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    Tom B.


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