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song plays for a couple seconds on ipod and itunes then changes

Discussion in 'iPod' started by pyrex, Jan 9, 2006.

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    The problem I am having in itunes and on my ipod nano, is that with quite a few of my songs after playing 20 seconds, 50 seconds, just skips to the next song. While if I play it on a different program, VLC for example the song plays fine. Does anyone know why itunes and the ipod can't read the mp3's as well as other programs?
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    Well, iTunes and the iPods are quite picky, and if the mp3's have missing bits then VLC might be forgiving enough to ignore that, while iTunes skips to the next song...

    I haven't had any problems with mp3s or aacs ripped with iTunes, though...
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    yes itunes has its nose in the air so if any of those files have a bad crack....itunes will skip over it in a heartbeat.

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    Try re-importing the various tunes from the original CDs...
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    going through a couple hundred gigs and getting cd's off friends and family (and ones sold on amazon) might be a problem. Thanks for the help though, is there any way (such as a plug-in) that itunes will take so that it doesnt skip? sort of a pain my ipod does it too though. I suppose thats just what happens when you have songs that are 6 years old and are thrown from hard drive to hard drive, and it slightly fragments over time.
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    I have a similar problem but it is limited to just one song. The difference is that iTunes plays it just fine but my nano will not play it at all.
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    My Powerbook using itunes to encode cd's was doing the same problem for every cd i encoded. at least one song would skip on the ipod but itunes would play the same exact song just fine. this skipping would happen on every cd i imported and was very frustrating. i bought the latest powerbook g4 that came out in october and i have no issues since thank god.

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