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Songs & titles not showing up on iPod

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Aniej, Jan 28, 2007.

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    I'm having a weird problem where my iPod is not displaying some song titles or artists' name or certain songs are just not showing up on the iPod. The artist name or title that will not show up nevertheless play just fine.
    Also, the iPod is not adding some songs when I sync, yet the songs play just fine on iTunes. This is getting pretty annoying so any help at fixing this would be really appreciated.
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    You might be seeing a well-known bug where songs don't show up if there nothing in the Album field. If you have bunch of songs with empty album fields just add something into that field and see how you go.

    I used "Not sure which album" and they all suddenly appeared.

    Hopefully this bug will be fixed in a firmware update.
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    oddly, they all have album titles. But, the only thing common to them all is that they are either ripped from CDs of bands that are not available on iTunes, like friends of mine who have a great band or are from songs I downloaded from other sites where the song is free such as a promotion or something like that, but the data is all there.
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    I had a couple nibbles on this question yesterday, but wanted to see if anyone had some thoughts now that chundles and i clarified the issue.
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    I am having a problem. On my itunes it says there should be 24 songs in the playlist but on my ipod it says only 23? Is there someway to fix this as it is doing it for more then one playlist?

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