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Sonnett SATA in MDD (Sloooow Boot)

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by jabbawok, Sep 30, 2004.

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    Has anyone got a sonnett SATA card in a G4, I gurrently have one of these running a 36GIG WD Raptor (10k RPM), and while it's really fast in OSX it takes forever to boot up.(it didn't befor the SATA) I'm wondering if its just me?
    Thanks :)

    My Mac is a Dual 867 with 1.25Gig of ram and 10.3.5
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    I have the Sonnettech SATA card in my PowerMac MDD with no drives attached to it, and I have not noticed a change in the boot-up speed.

    Probably something with accessing the drives. Go to the System Preferences and select the hared drive from startup items and restart. It may be searching for the startup drive and not knowing it when it boots up.
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    The boot speed on my dual G4/800 is slow since starting from my ATA/133 drive and SIIG card, but I rarely boot the machine.
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    Cool, I might have a fiddle there, I did speak to sonnet about it breifly but they just stopped e-mailing me back. they said somthing about it taking longer to boot off the PCI bus but i cant imagine people with a powerdoman u160 card being pleased with that kind of waiting .I would sleep it instead of shutting down at night but my crappy flashed PC Geforce 3 stopps that. I think i might just put up with it untill i can afford a G5, The raptor should be sweet in a G5.
    Thanks. Ben..

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