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sony ericsson P800!

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by technocoy, Dec 3, 2002.

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    Hey Guys,
    Just played with a p800, and it's saweet!! didn't get to hold it long, since i'm at work, but the sony ericsson peeps told me feb. is definitely the release date.... so for those who are interested... maybe it's worth it for you to wait.

    they weren't sure about price but estimated at around $500-650 that's not to bad.... and guys i don't know if you've seen the symbian OS.. but it is FULL featured... i think that its better than a palm!!! The screen is brilliant!

    my cingular contract was up two months ago, so maybe i'll wait till' Feb. to renew and upgrade my phone for the discounted price..:D

    later guys,
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    I've been looking at the P800 for a while and it looks great! i think it'll kick all the competitions a$$!
    I'd love to get one when they do get released but I'm affriad it will probably be far to expensive for somthing that I would use for no more than a phone...however, I may still have to find some way to justify it and take the plunge ;) :D
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    I got to play with one that a software developer here in Ireland had a couple of weeks ago. I have been waiting to buy one of these since last february when I first heard about it, then I'm standing in the chip shop waiting for my dinner and look over to the guy next to me holding a P800 with a big sticker on the back saying PROTOTYPE. The guy said he'd had it about 3 months (works for Ericsson). It is BY FAR the best phone i have ever used (be it only for a few minutes). What i saw blew the Nokia 7650 (not available in the US) out of the water. I really liked the foldable/detachable keypad. And while it is certainly bulkier than my T68 it was really not as big as I thought. The only semi-bad feature about it is the flimsiness (sp?) of the stylus, although i was told that you get a couple of them in the box so if you are to lose or break one you have a backup. OOOOH and having the memory stick slot is great so you can upgrade the memory. I will definately have to get one of these if it becomes supported by iSync (which I'm sure is a given).
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    P.S. the colors (like the T68i) are not as toy-like as they look on the website!!
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    My P800 is due sometime next week. I'm sure I'll get around to posting about how well iSync works, etc. I've also got a Belkin USB/Bluetooth widget ordered, which should also arrive next week. My favourite site to leapfrog into P800 info so far is Club Sony Ericsson.
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    Any idea on a US release on this thing?
    Tax refund is coming, so I know what Im wanting, but I can't seem to find much information of a place to order/pre order one:(
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    I really don't know what you guys are talking about... This thing has already been released!
    You can buy one here, here or here.
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    Availability in each country seems to have been staggered. UK companies having a P800 price and saying they are receiving stock really is only within the last week, even if it has been available in Sweden for the last 3 months.

    True, I might have been able to order one from a different country and import it, but without understanding any of the subtle issues, I'd rather not spend £450 + sales tax (roughly $700 inclusive?) to be able to find out there is some subtle reason why it won't work for me. Maybe I haven't been adventurous enough?
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    Hmm, I think I saw it on Sony's site for like $650.00, I'll just wait.;)
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    Is the Ericsson P800 Mac compatible? i.e. Can you send contacts via iSync and use the Ericsson clicker? If you can do this, I think it would be the PERFECT phone!!!
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    I don't know, but I hope so! I'll make a posting once I've got the answers.
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    I wish I could have it, but I can't. I don't think there is or will be a CDMA version for Verizon service. I looked at the Kyocera 7135, but it's expensive and not out yet.

    I'm getting an Audiovox CDM-9500 this week. No PDA, but it has a color screen and you can download ringtones games, etc. from Verizons Get It Now service. Plus, it's only $19.99 with all the discounts I get.:D
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    Well, I've got my P800. Overall impressions: very nice package but Apple and Sony Ericsson need to sort out iSync working.

    Bluetooth Pairing: I got a DLink USB/Bluetooth adapter (DWB-120M) from Apple Store. Getting my Mac and the phone to "pair" (learn about each others existence and be able to quickly talk to each other) took a few attempts with a couple of reboots. Something odd about the precise sequence of things: more for Apple to do here to make it slicker.

    The Bluetooth Setup Assistant greyed out the option to sync with iSync. This is the major downside of where things seem to stand today - iSync just won't sync a P800.

    Address Book: This will talk with the P800 and can exchange contact information - both individually and en-masse. The images the P800 associates with an entry don't get transferred to Address Book, which is a same. There are some oddities over First Name/Last Name, with the Last Name field not always being displayed within Address Book.

    File transfer: The P800 can push all of its different file types to the Mac and these are received. For my contacts with images (taken with the P800's camera :D), I pushed these seperately to the Mac and then got Address Book to associate the image and contact details. I've tried a few pushes from the Mac to the P800. It did okay on plain text and GIF and had a good go at a large, complex PDF.

    Syncing with PC-only supplied software, using a USB docking station, works ok-ish. The only PIM it will sync with for calendar events on my Vaio laptop is Outlook, and yet I've not managed to actually get diary events moved either way PC <-> P800. Contact details, etc, worked fine. But I don't want to be using a PC: even if a Vaio laptop :mad:

    I played briefly with a Nokia 6310i, and this put up a dialogue (over Bluetooth) onto the Mac screen when a phone call came in, telling me the caller's number and giving me a chance to answer, mute or send to voice mail. I've not managed to have this ever happen with the P800 though, which is a bit of a shame (but not absolutely essential!).

    All in all, if iSync gets sorted out, this makes a stunning pair of devices and no M$ software in sight. Getting there!
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    Old news...

    People have been talking about this for a few days now. Some people are able to make it communicate flawlessly. Some have no luck whatsoever.

    Check out the discussion here:

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    exactly. my boss got one over a month ago, paid a grand for it mind. but it is niiiice. if only it would work with isync....

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