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Sony Ericsson phones open to 'snarf' attack

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by g808, Feb 11, 2004.

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    Very interesting... thanks for the heads-up. I checked my T68i software version and it's R8A015, so I guess that means mine's okay...
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    i dont care if ppl steal my numbers, my contacts have silly names that it wont matter beside si dont mind if my friends get weird calls late at night HAHAHA
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    I guess that's the big danger in OS-like standard interfaces for phones, such as Symbian....Just think, in 30 years, we'll have a cure for HIV and the common cold, but your refrigerator, telephone and car will be susceptible to computer virii. :D

    Kinda strange that the attached article mentions (for Nokia phones) the 63xx and 7650 but not the 3650. Anyway, at least the fix is pretty simple.

    I wonder if iSync is susceptible to the same on BT-enabled Macs that are discoverable???
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    i doubt isync would be in danger, its different to hack a phone from a full fledged OS.

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