sony PC Card Memory Stick reader - PB Ti

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by jiholl, Feb 27, 2003.

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    Has anyone had any luck with using PC Card memory stick reader in Powerbook with OS X. I am debating it or a USB reader....seems PC card would be more "elegant" solution...don't have to plug and unplug often....
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    Re: sony PC Card Memory Stick reader - PB Ti

    No idea at all, I would suggest trying it, though, because my friend uses a PCMCIA CF card reader (that is not certified to work with Mac) on his Pismo with no drivers.
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    I use the sony USB mem-stick reader on OSX.2 through X.4 with no problems. No drivers or anything. Put the sick in and it mounts. Verycool. The only think is it has to be plugged into the USB ports on the machine, and not a hub/keyboard.
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    Re: Re: sony PC Card Memory Stick reader - PB Ti

    I have one of them on my 1Ghz PB and it works like a dream, i wish they had memory stick version (maybe they do - i should probably check).
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