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Sony Releasing 80Gig PS3 in US

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by gkarris, May 23, 2007.

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    Sony may release the 80Gig model here in the US.


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    What is it they don't get about this?

    Message to Sony - it is too expensive. As simple as that.
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    They're trying to make it a "better $600 value"....

    I hear on the other boards that the price of an 80 Gig drive is the same now as a 60 Gig one. Not to mention leaving out all the PS2 compatibility chips as now it is in software emulation - hence the extra hard drive space.

    Less costs for Sony... or I should say less loss...
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    Yep, they reduce fab prices, and keep PS3 price the same, then you get the added benefit of additional space.
    I don't buy this unless it is to completely replace 60GB models.

    Of course, you could ask MS the same question about releasing the Elite. :)
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    :confused: Did somebody say something.......?

    Anywho, this could probably be a trend for a little while, continually reduce production cost and add drive space, until they find an sku that both they, and consumers, are happy with.
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    I would assume that Sony will be replacing the 60Gigs, which means they will wait until they are sold out. If so, it will take a very, very, long time.

    Who wants to buy one if they know a newer model will be out? Why would Sony drop the price of the 60Gig and have an even further loss?
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    Sold out is the key phrase.......

    They stopped production of the 20GB model for US, but you still see them in stores
    (in some places)

    Although, I do agree; releasing it when you still have plenty of stock, will hurt store sales of the smaller drive version.
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    Not around Chicago. The only 20Gig model I saw since launch was a single returned one at Target that they opened up, even though the person returning it never opened it. I've never seen one since.

    Sony saying that they couldn't sell any is bunk, since they never really made any to begin with. I was thinking of going ahead and getting the lesser model. Not now...
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    No, I'm not saying they couldn't I know that was and still is a popular model, but I have seen them.
    Of course, for my area, the 60GB was a much more popular choice.
    Thats why you still see a few 20GB's here and there at like Circuit City, Target, etc.

    What they would have to do is slowly decrease shipments until demand gets high, then start shipping 80GB models.

    The 20/60GB were different enough to warrant two sku's, but the 60/80GB models are virtually identical in features/cost.
    Nobody would buy a 60GB model if they coudl get 80 for a few dollars more.
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    On the web now people are contemplating Sony will just place a "sticker" on the box to state that it's the 80Gig model.

    Has "ebay scam" written all over it...

    Nice job, Sony

    (goes home tonight to watch some old Beta tapes...)
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    on the web; people are also saying the Spaghetti Monster is not a myth........whats your point. ;)
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    Everywhere I've seen the 80gb version discussed it is in relation to the Korean release, where the cost for the 80gb version translates to something like $575USD.

    I think most people would agree with me that they'd rather the 60gb cost 500 or 550 and that Sony just let people upgrade their own hard drives. The drives are so easy to replace that anyone can do it, there is no chance to void your warranty and all you have to do is replace 4 screws; there are instructions right in the manual.
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    80Gigs on the outside, 60Gigs on the inside...
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    I have to say, I'm no longer a big fan of sony...

    What are they thinking? People aren't going to buy more PS3s for an extra 20 GB of storage capacity! Include another accessory, game, controller or something to at least make it seem like its worth $600. Or get the storage over 120 GB so your console looks better next to the elite 360.
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    Their console does look better than the elite.

    Why spend all that money, and only get half the features of HDMI 1.2, when you can have ALL the features of HDMI 1.3
    The only thing they really did to Elite was add an enormous HDD.

    The price difference for Sony adding 20GB of extra space is minimal enough to pass the value on to you.
    (they are saving a little as well though)
    If they suddenly doubled the size of the drive, they would also have to increase the overall price.
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    Problem is people don't look at what is offered (otherwise no one would waste money on a 360 core) they just look a price.
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    That was kind of the point i was trying to get at. Some people will buy the elite because its $120 less than the PS3, even though you don't get HDMI 1.3, integrated wireless, or a blu ray drive.
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    How about they just lower the price? That'd get more people on the bandwagon :p
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    patience my friend....they will ;)
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    When they dump the price, I plan on buying one.

    Why? I love PlayStation2, and I'm sure I'll love the PlayStation3. Plus then I grew up with the original PlayStation.

    Oh, and I adore my PlayStation Portable to death.

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