Sony TDM-IP1 iPod dock and iPod Classic

Discussion in 'iPod' started by SheepNutz, Dec 16, 2007.

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    I'm interested in getting the Sony TDM-IP1 iPod dock to go with my sony AV receiver, but I need to know if it'll be compatible with my 80GB iPod classic. I checked the manual on Sony's site, and it says it's compatible with the 5G iPod video, but I think the manual was written before the classic came out. So does anyone know if this will work or not (both video and audio)?
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    I have the same question. I found your thread when I did a search on this issue. Did you ever find an answer?
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    I purchased the Sony TDM-IP1 iPod dock in December and just purchased the iPod Classic Saturday. So far, using the On-Screen display to play music is just fine but using the iPOD display and playing videos is not working.

    I have been working with Sony Tech Support but their phone tech couldn't help and so far email support just sent me a link to their downloadable manuals.

    At this point, I'm thinking it's probably not compatible rather than a defect with the dock.
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    Let us know if you get it working.
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    Yes, please! That's what I figured, audio would be fine, but video might not work.
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    I found a review for the Sony TDM-IP1 on Amazon where the person stated that he dealt with both Sony and Apple and that it may be a firmware issue. Hopefully a firmware update will be forthcoming.
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    I just got my TDM-IP1 today off ebay. It didn't come with a video cable, so I didn't bother with that, video doesn't work with the classic anyway apparently. I just wanted it for playing music, and it does that extremely well. I had to adjust a few settings to get it to play through all the speakers in my 5.1 surround setup. One thing I did notice though, is that it's not charging the ipod, which it should be doing.

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