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Sony to create own processor for its handhelds

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by vniow, Jul 19, 2003.

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    This would make sense if you were surfing regular web pages. But if you are getting a trimmed down "headline news" or "sports scores" or "stock prices" page intended for a PDA, it can be any shape at all.

    I think this announcement is about the PEG-UX50, which has a color screen with a resolution of 480x320. That's not many pixels, so if you don't have to scroll horizontally, you'll just have to do more vertical scrolling.

    Who made the processors that Sony previously used?
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    I thought IBM was/is making the chip for the Playstation 3. :confused:
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    Heh So I am not the only one here who reads /. :D this is a little odd and conflicting but I am sure that Sony will clear things up in a few months
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    Yeah they don't know what they are talking about, Sony Makes the PS series, but not the chip.

    IBM has been working on the chip, Sony doesn't have chips powerful enough to do it anyhow.
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    Motorola, suprise suprise...
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    I didn't think IBM supplied or are going to supply chips for Sony, I thought it was NEC or something.

    If it is true about IBM, then the xbox will be the only consoles not on PPC chips, (althought M$ is meant to be switching from Nvidia+Intel to ATI+AMD).
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    AS for PS3's CPU, it is supposedly a joint venture between several high companies. Sony, Hitachi, IBM and I do not know if somebody else.

    Funny landscape that of chip providers for next gen consoles: MS Xbox 2: confirmed Ati GPU; Nintendo's GC2: rumored Ati GPU + rumored IBM CPU (yes, same as current GC); PS3: IBMish CPU.
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    You'd think they could just use a Transmeta chip. Guess Crusoe wasn't as good as people thought it was going to be...
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    Those were only the dragonball processors that sony used like 2 years ago. They've been using Intel XScales until this annoucement
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    The sony chips are meant to be Intel XScare compatible, much like AMD chips are intel compatible.
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    sounds cool, but will it really have 5 hours of video playback? and how will you get the videos on there, FW? USB2?
    anyone know?
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    The PS3 chip is being fabbed by IBM and designed by a partnership of IBM, Sony, and (iirc) NEC. It will be a multicore PowerPC chip.
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    With palms, you can hotsync using USB and tell your OS to send the video files to the main memory (unlikely since only 16mb of the 32mb of total memory is available to the user) or to a memory stick in the PDA. it'll take a WHILE to transfer a whole movie. A 320x240 Divx movie is about 150mb. You could probably also try to transfer it over the Wifi or bluetooth protocols
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    thanks. i want this thing whn it comes out.

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