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Sony VAIO World's Thinnest Laptop on way to USA

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by voicegy, May 12, 2004.

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    I like everything but the hinge.

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    ah, but, correct me if i'm wrong, it has no optical drive. so in my book, this is a subportable, not a portable, hence not comparable to other laptops.

    plus, ugly...

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    the hinge is the battery...

    I saw these in Japan last month, really cool.
    The motherboard is as big as a deck of cards, and super light.
    Basically a workstation...
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    It looks like a chunk would break off if you bumped it too hard. Only seeing a profile though, I can't say anything about looks.

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    baby duck monge

    say what you will - i would love to have that baby optical drive or no. i don't usually use my optical drive when i'm away from my desk, so that would be no big deal. and i use an external monitor to span my ibook now, so i would have some extra real estate. but to have a full-powered (though not fully-equipped) laptop of that size would make me incredibly happy. shame about the whole OS X thing, though...
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    thats mighty thin, but i a 17 lover myself hehe
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