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sony website promoting apple products!

Discussion in 'Mac Scene' started by negrito, Aug 18, 2003.

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    probably that's because those people from the agency work with macs and somebody told the other guy "hey, tomorrow we do those sony shootings, bring along a keyboard! our keyboard! that's the most beautyful one..."
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    Powerbook G5

    Yep, just as you can see PowerBooks on Microsoft.com when they promote something new...Apple products are shown because they are just sexy...just like you see lots of Ferraris and cool cars in action movies since they are so sexy...unfortunately, I bet most people won't even know that is an Apple Pro keyboard, so it won't really make them think "Apple" when seeing it. (I'm not talking about Apple users, but PC users)
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    Daveman Deluxe

    I see Sawtooth G4s and Bondi iMacs in OfficeMax advertisments for office furniture all the time. Nothing to worry about.
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    No surprise really, I think both companies CEO's have a high degree of respect for each other, and their respective products.

    Ikea also like to use Mac's in their catalogue too...
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    Jerry Spoon

    I've seen macs used in other companies' advertising too, but not for a company that was selling their own computers and displays.
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    both companies have good design, a developed corporate culture and identity and a store chain... but for some reason the only piece of sony equipment I own is an old beaten up walkman (I can't stand mixtapes on CD...)

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    exactly. what's the point of advertising to people who can identify your products in the background of your competitor's ads? ;)
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    yeah, but office furniture did not compete with Sawtooth G4s or Bondi iMacs...Well, maybe with the Bondi iMacs...

    Anyway, this is interesting because this is from a company that manufactures DIRECTLY COMPETING products.

    The great deal of respect that the two CEOs have for each other (someone mentioned this respect) just goes to show that they recognize the danger of the other's success.
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    Daveman Deluxe

    Most photos that you see in advertisments such as that one are actually stock photographs anyway.
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    companies like sony hire a third party to take the advertising shots. most of the time, the photographers and advertisers prefer to use macs due to the old "macs are better for graphics" saying. even though this may not be completely true (it is highly debateable). sony (or XX company) will provide only what they are advertising, and most of the time, companies don't have tons of XX product from XX company. so they get stuck because they are just supposed to take tons of pictures of this product being used in every day use. and in return, the public will often see an apple product being used as a secondary device.

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