Sorrry ipad, you'll never take the place of my MBA 11

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by arc918, Mar 16, 2011.

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    I can't think of much of anything I would rather do on an ipad instead of my MBA. I like the web much better with a keyboard.

    Maybe the ipad would win if I were on a really long flight and wanted to watch movies and play games.
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    Wow you must have thought long and hard and then all of a sudden a light bulb went off above your head and

    Hey presto.....

    Really fail to see the point of your thread. It seems little thought went into it tbh. Different devices - different usage. Whilst there is a cross over both an iPad and a MBA (or any other laptop or desktop) can co-exist happily and serve different function.
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    there's a warm welcome...

    Having just acquired an ipad last week after having my MBA for 5 months, I was really expecting to be wowed by the ipad.

    So perhaps I'm late to the party. Feel free not to respond to my threads if they don't suit your needs.
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    Maybe if you posted more than two sentences that seemingly contradict each other and gave explanation of the fact that you had just got your ipad. Your post gives no history, no frame of reference and little opinion of formulation of that opinion.

    If you wish posters to respond with a more interesting responses that meet your approval, maybe you should make more of an effort when opening a thread debate to actually explain to posters and envoke opinion rather than just contradict yourself and end discussion straight away.

    Your opening post read.

    I cant think of something.
    But wait I just did.

    Nothing left to discuss.
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    Couldn't agree more!

    My iPad serves only as a big screen GPS in my car. For everything else including using in car, bed, plane, appointments outside the office it's 11" all the way. Tether to iPhone or 3G internet stick and you're flying.

    I like the Air's so much I also own a 13", it gets used around my home office/den for work is easier to do from a larger screen. Mac Pro sits in my office rarely gets used, serves as server, back up, storage...

    +1 ... social skills too often lacking on this forum, oh well:rolleyes:
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    I guess the other saving grace (yes, contrary to my original premise...) is that my kids love the ipad, hence keeping them the hell away from my precious MBA
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    To play devils advocate, we see a lot of people recently joining, putting in pointless posts and then not seen again so as yours had some elements of this some people will give a negative reaction (happened to me.) It looks like you've got a few bits of kit now so might be here for the longer term, you'll note attitude will change.

    However I can't help but think you should have kept your money for the MBA and iPad and bought yourself a MacBook Pro.;) Let the kids play on a iPod touch, cheaper when they drop it.
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    Dear owner,

    I am not your MBA, and I don't pretend to be.

    I'm not your MBP or your iPhone, either.

    I'm just the lightweight, lower-cost thing with a good-sized screen, that keeps the kids amused while you use your MBA. You might find me useful for things that don't need a lot of typing, or for games where the thought of damaging your MBA gives you heart palpitations. If you can't find a use for me, then please just leave me with the kids, since we seem to get along fine.

    Sincerely yours,
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    The iPad won't be a substitute for most people. Not for a long time.
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    Why should we choose one? Why can't we have both again?

    MBA has a keyboard, yes. But it's there whether I need it or not.

    I like them both and I have both.
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    If you can afford both and use both, then there's no issue. A lot of people can't afford both, and the two devices do a lot of the same things.

    I'm getting an MBA for the keyboard, but I'm going to miss the form and touchscreen of the iPad.

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