SOS iPod mini needs help

Discussion in 'iPod' started by galstaph, Sep 22, 2007.

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    Ok, so I've had my iPod mini for 2 years (and 9 days but who's counting).
    Today I'm listening to a track and... silence.... I'm like what? and then up[on inspection the ipod says it is playing, BUT it is stuck 1 sec into the song. Toggling hold switch does nothing at all (no icon even). So I figure ok just reset it and get going. Tried to reset (menu+select 6-10 sec, I helpd it for 20), still nothing stuck on the same screen. Plugging into the usb cable does nothing, not even a charge...
    So is there a hope in hell of saving my beloved mini (another way to reset)? Or do I have a shiny aluminium paperweight?
    I'm guessing my hd failed and that is why it stopped and won't budge does this hypothesis sound right?:confused:
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    hit it, that always worked for my mini...


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