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Soundstix or JBL Creature

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by MacMaelstrom, Sep 26, 2003.

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    I like Sound Sticks.. which ones a better value
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    I bought the JBL Creature for my PowerBook. I like them since they are so small but I think they have just as good sound as the Sound Sticks.
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    Rod Rod

    Soundsticks, Value

    If you like the smaller size, go for the Creature speakers. They run about $130 new but maybe you can find a better deal.

    Smalldog.com has refurbished Soundsticks for around $95. I got mine recently and they're great. I can now hear the video I edit, a big improvement over the iBook's little speakers and also over the eMac... the eMac has nice speakers but the sound gets drowned out by its noisy fan. The computer's back is an inch from a wall and it reflects back the fan noise.
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    both are really great speakers; everyone seems to like whichever one they get. So just go for price/ looks.
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    Neither... Get the $99 Bose MediaMates. I had the JBL Sonnets (basically the creatures) and in less than a year one speaker became distorted.

    DON'T BUY Harmon-Kardon.
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    Re: Soundsticks, Value

    You can get the Creature new at Amazon for $94.08 (and it qualifies for free shipping)
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    What about the Monsoon PM-14's?

    I have the soundsticks right now with my dual 867 and I despise them! I am sick and tired of the usb audio issues and apple not dealing with them. When network packets go out through airport the soundsticks pop and sometimes the sound disappears completely and won't come back for a while. So obviously I'm looking to replace them.
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    Re: Re: Soundsticks, Value

    I bought my Creature from Amazon with the free shipping and I received it within a week. It sounds great hooked up to my iMac. I have listened to the Bose media mates and they also sound good, but don't look as cool as my Creature.
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    omg, 1 unfortunate incident doesn't mean all harmon-kardon are crap, good god:rolleyes:

    they are great speakers, i'd go with the creatures, alot cheaper then soundsticks, but i doubt the quality is noticibly worse
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    I looked at Sound Sticks, Creatures and the Bose Media Mate. I went with the Creatures beacause of the form factor. I think any of the three will be a good choise for the price range. I also opted for the siver/gray color. I think it will compliment my G5 when it arrives - on Monday :D

    Don't let the small size of the Creatures fool you. They have a really nice sound. The sub woofer of the Sound Sticks did not impress me, at least not for the price. If I remember correctly the Media Mate does not have bass or treble controls. One sound is all you get, although it is a nice sound.

    Hope this helps.
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    Re: Soundstix or JBL Creature

    Go with the one that sounds better to you. That will be your better value.

    Having said that, the Creature's sounded too tinny to me on the music I listen to. The Soundsticks work better on highs then the Creatures do.
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    eyelikeart will back me up on this one. get the altec lansing atp3 speakers. they're cheaper and sound a lot better, and they ain't bad looking either.
  13. Wes
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    I liked these also but the four speaker set up didn't fit my needs. If you want the 4.1 or 5.1 sound take a look at the Klipsch ProMedia . The styling is a bit different but I think they have a nice sound.
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    i think im going to be buying the altec 621's tomorrow.

    i listened to them today next to the creature speakers and they sounded damn good. same price, with a wired remote, and a 2nd input.
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    I've been extremely happy with my soundsticks. This thread is the first time I've ever heard complaints about them.
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    One man's opinion...

    I'm listening to my soundsticks as I type. I've always been happy with them, especially for computer speakers. I used the Creatures with my PBook, basically for the size matter. No complaints with either. It just seems to me that there are four little speakers in the Soundsticks and one in the Creatures.
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    audio over usb is for monkeys.
    really, it is.
    it sucks.
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    Sounds sticks are the way to go. I can bumb my whole room office with them.
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    I got the Creatures in White, really happy with them. They look great with my iBook and iPod. Sound great too, especially for Jazz and Instrumental stuff. Vocals don't seem to sound as good, but maybe I just have to play with the graphic equalizer settings.
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    Totally agree with you man. As I said before I despise my soundsticks because of the usb audio bugs. I can't even play online games or listen to music while browsing the web with them.

    I'm looking to replace them. Any opinions on the Monsoon PM-14's? I've heard some good things about them and they're under $100 too.
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    Ok, one bad experience. But seriously, the Bose Mediamates sound better than my JBL sonnets did even when the JBLs worked. Better all around sound especially bass with less bulk.

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