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Soundtrack Pro or Logic Express?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by pimentoLoaf, May 3, 2005.

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    Priced identically at $299 -- which to choose?
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    Soundtrack is geared toward movie makers.
    Logic is geared towards music makers.
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    Pimento loaf,

    What do you want to accomplish with the app? How do you expect to use it and what results do you need?

    Soundtrack Pro will let you record, edit, multitrack and automate audio and loops. However, there's no MIDI input or software synths, so all your source audio has got to come from either another app, or from a sample loop library, for example.

    Logic Express will also let you record, edit, multitrack and automate audio and loops. THis time, there are built-in software synths and the ability to add third-party synthesizers, samplers, etc.

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    If you just want to make music, go with Logic. It has more features that make the music creation process go smoother.
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    It all depends on what music you create and how you go about creating it. I've used Logic since v.1, and definitely it's not for everyone, or for every purpose.

    Still waiting for the Loaf to inform us what their process will be, or how they intend to "make music."

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    You are right. I should have made it clear I was simply stating my preference. It all depends on what he needs to do.
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    The changes in Soundtrack make it a much better option for on-the-fly sound FX and background music for video than Logic Express, which as has been rightly pointed out is more suited to the production of music.

    Both can be used for the same general purposes, but if your after a song-writing tool, Logic is probably the best way to go, if you want a post-production tool for video, go with Soundtrack.
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    Music creation via a MIDI-keyboard.

    So... I'd make it in Logic and feed it into Soundtrack?

    But I could make stuff in Soundtrack, too?

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