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Southampton, West Quay

Discussion in 'iPad Launch Meetups' started by mvp2206, May 28, 2010.

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    Just wondering if anyone headed down to the Apple Store in West Quay today? Was it busy? Annoyingly I was not able to get time off work this morning to pop down, so going to have to try my luck later this afternoon. Hopefully a 32GB Wifi model will still be available.......
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    *quick update*

    Went to the Apple Store at 5.45pm, and left at 6pm with a 32gb Wifi iPad!! The store was pretty busy with people cooing over the iPad displays. The guy who served me said they had sold 200-300 iPads today, and he expected tomorrow to be manic!

    (typing this on my iPad btw) ;-)
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    Anyone heading to Southampton for the iPad 2 launch? I'll be there!
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    I expect I will be there again! Am going to head down after work and see how busy the place is. If its a 5pm launch, I can see horrible queues this time compared to my easy buying experience last year. Which iPad are you going for? 64GB Black WiFi for me this time I think!
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    I'm afraid you can't have the Black 64GB Wifi model, it's mine! I guess there is a slim chance they'll have two.
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    Lol, fingers crossed for two then! Hopefully we both wont be left disappointed on Friday!

    Will let ya know!:)
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    Will hopefully be there after work, and after a 32GB 3G White, but it depends on when i finish and the queues outside the store.
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    Well, as its now been confirmed as a 5pm launch (damn you apple!) I am gonna head down around 3:30-4:00pm to check out whats happening. Might pop into Currys and a few other places that may be selling it just to see if they know how many they will have, the queue etc. Will then probably join the Apple queue if its not overly long - will update here what its like (and if you are there beforehand and could do the same that would be awesome!)

    Fingers crossed for tomorrow (might try and stay up to order one online as a backup just in case!)
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    I'll be down there from about 4:30pm (some of us have to work). Would appreciate any line updates!
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    I don't know whether I should go or not. I've ordered one online but I'm so tempted to queue. Anyone in the queue now? Is there even one at this point?
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    According to the Daily Echo there were around 150 people queueing for the iPad last year, but that had the advantage of an 8am launch. Hopefully, where some people are at work the queue will be smaller. I am aiming to be there 3:30 ish so will let you all know!
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    Just saw this is the UK Thread:

    Joined the WestQuay Southampton Apple Store at 12 noon about 60 people in front of me, the queue is now about 100 long, staff unsure if will be able to get exact model i want.

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    That does not look too bad...just wondering where the rest of it is gonna go? Am sure a lot more people will be joining it later (including me!)
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    Anyone know what happens if you turn up after they have given tickets out? Won't be there till 4:30pm
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    There seems to be an area cordened off further up. There were some people waiting there as well.
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    Well am finally in the queue! As well as being outside the store and further down the middle of west quay, I am in a third queue outside Clintons. The queue is almost round to the entrance of Marks and Spencer now. No word on stock, but someone should be coming round soonish to get an idea of what we all want. Only 1hr 40mins to go (and then some!)
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    Good luck to those in the queue. I think I'll just wait for my ordered iPad to arrive. Don't fancy queuing up all night and there's no guarantee I'll get an iPad at the end if it.
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    I have my ticket!!! 64gb Black wifi! Now just have to wait for the store to open and the 150 other people before me to be served! The apple guy said they will be serving approx 80 people an hour, so should be done around 7 if I am lucky! Am starving tho so the wait is gonna be painful!
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    Any one have any clue if they'll have stock tomorrow morning?

    I am devastated that I couldn't make it today. :(
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    Not sure. They seemed to have a fair amount when I left (7pm)

    Unfortunately mine has to go back tomorrow as it has a dead pixel and suffers from backlight bleeding pretty badly, which is pretty annoying after 4 hours of queueing! Hopefully they will have a replacement and it will be better!
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    Apparently they sold out yesterday and are waiting for stock... hmmm.
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    I got there at 5pm and the staff told me they only had 16GB WiFi left. Went to John Lewis and got the last 32GB Wifi (black). My friend wanted the 64GB so we tried everywhere in the Southampton area but all sold out. Anyway order at Tesco online with quidco so got £50 off! Arrives Monday for collection.

    Personally thought it was bad that the Apple store didn't have more stock. There wasn't that many people in the queue and reports suggest that other Apple stores still had plenty of stock by closing time.
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    They had some left today, very limited stock though! Managed to get one:)
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    Thats good! Any backlight bleeding problems with yours? I picked up a replacement to mine this morning (bleeding and dead pixel) and the bleeding is even worse this time! Think I will give it one more go, and if its no good will leave it for a month or so. Sucks!

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