Southern California MBA where to buy guide

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ProPedderKustom, Feb 1, 2008.

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    The other thread got too long to figure out which stores had what. Does anyone want to give an update for any SoCal stores? Specifically updates that include times of confirmations...

    Thanks all!
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    i got my base model from the northridge one today. I think they made me an exception since i had a hectic travel ahead.

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    keep this thread aliveee
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    Here's what I found today

    The Grove: Demo / None for sale (were selling them)
    3rd Street Promenade: Demo / None for sale (were selling them)
    Manhattan Village: Demo / None for sale (were not selling them)
    Sherman Oaks: Demo / None for sale (were selling them)
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    Fashion Island, Newport Beach: Demo / None of sale
    South Coast Plaza: Demo / None of sale
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    South Orange County

    Mission Viejo --> Demo Only / Not selling yet
    Irvine Spectrum --> Demo Only / Not selling yet
    Fashion Island --> Demo Only / Not selling yet
    South Coast Plaza --> Demo Only / Not selling yet (but I got put on a "waiting list" to be notified when a it does go on sale.

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    Got my MacBook Air at The Grove on Friday @ 130pm

    It was the last one (1.6/80HD) they sold that day.
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    I tried similar reasoning (saying that I drove into Manhattan Beach because they said they had "plenty" to sell... which is 100% true... only to find that they had one demo and nothing to sell), but it did nothing for me. Even tried to talk to a manager, but he/she was "not available." Strange way to run a business. Either you have a release date and you sell the product on that date, or you don't. But this strange thing of "sell one here, and sell one there, but not really sell them anywhere" must be very disappointing (and confusing!) to honest consumers. I know I lost a bit of respect for Apple because of this experience.
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    I agree with you. They say different things, but no one knows if they are holding stock or selling units they were supposed to keep as demos. I think stores should have good stock by this week.

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    Mall of Georgia has only displays. They told me this afternoon that ordering on-line would be faster than waiting for the store to get stock. This is different from what they had been telling me all week, ie, they are coming in any time.
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    I'm totally not stressing this anymore. I was at the point where I was calling every hour, by the hour, hoping that a different person would slip and tell me that they really had one. Anyway, I also got a response saying "check back at ___ o'clock, we're expecting a shipment" which led me to believe that they would possibly be getting some today, But when I called they said they didn't get it. I think with this much fuss about the MBA, Apple truly should give out some answers on when the release date is if they don't want people calling every minute asking if they have it on sale or probing for release dates. I did infact drink the kool-aid, but I think it's exiting my system. I still truly want (need) this MBA, but I guess I'll just wait until there is some stock. I learned from my iPhone experience that waiting it out for a product isn't that bad.
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    Irvine CA, Spectrum Apple Store



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    i live in OC and have these 4 on speed dial- none have them it seems when i call or go in.

    - mission viejo- has demos and only sold 1 so far on Sat. (base model)
    - irvine spectrum- has demos/none sold yet
    - south coast plaza- has demos/none sold yet
    - fashion island- has demos/none sold yet

    i find that all of the sales people are clueless so unless you ask a manager or business rep they wont know. good news is fed-ex comes around 10-10:30a everyday with their shipments and sometimes more throughout the day so you can always keep calling.

    i had better luck buying the iphone the first week it was out. this is so frustrating!!! worse yet is the fact i know ill buy one NOW and another better one will come out in 6-9 mos it's just what apple does... technology gets better everyday. oh well, there's always ebay for when i want to sell it later :)

    good luck. please share if anyone has luck at ANY of these stores above. wild goose chase!
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    Can someone call the grove for me? I already called this morning and I think they are getting frustrated with me. 323-965-8400 and press 5.
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    Irvine Area

    Any luck in the Irvine (greater OC) area today? I've called around, and they say they have none.
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    The Grove in LA has a bunch. I just picked up my SSD one.
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    Canoga Park/Topanga store in LA got 4 standard and 2 SSD's delivered this morning. I bought one SSD, the guy next to me bought a standard one. Don't know what's left.
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    San Diego

    Anyone have any luck at either Apple store in San Diego?
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    I was gonna go in the other day, I'm pretty sure they should have the demos out by now. You can call ahead though. ;)
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    Finally, I got one.

    At the end of work today, I decide to read MacRumors to see if anyone posted if any stores in my area were selling, to my surprise, I read someone got theirs at Irvine Spectrum. I got home and called, they said that they had some, but sold out, so I decided to just try to call Victoria Gardens Apple Store (Rancho Cucamonga). They said they had a lot. The guy couldn't tell me how many he had, so I asked him if he thought there would still be some in an hour or two, and he said that they had plenty (of the base models at least). I did something that I have never done for a toy before, I drove in traffic from Laguna Beach to Rancho Cucamonga. I am now a proud owner of a MacBook Air and I couldn't be happier ! :D

    On a side note, Brea had a lot, but by the time I got there, they sold out. Apple in Victoria Gardens supposedly had a lot because "no one knew that they were for sale" and that they tend to get more because they are the only Apple store in the Inland Empire. :apple:

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    How long did that take?
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    I called south coast plaza earlier and they said they had them, by the time I got there they were sold out. Once there I figure I'd call the apple store at fashion Island, they also had them and I was able to buy the 1.8/ssd. This was at about 12:40pm 4. Feb. 08. The mba is an awesome machine.
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    I saw them today at the Apple Store in Fashion Valley - San Diego, played around with each one... SSD is fast, but not $999 more fast...

    I like the design, thats about it. :)

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