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Space Modern, lushness for your home

Discussion in 'Community' started by iGav, Aug 3, 2004.

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    Some really sweet stuff here... :)

    I really wouldn't mind turning my design hand to this kind of stuff... :)

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    Not a bad collection. Some classics and a decent variety of hot designers... i'm really not digging the music tho, usually high-style furniture sites are a little classier... still, like i said, pretty good collection overall.

    Furniture design is what i hope to do. Perhaps some product design as well...

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    Yeah, I liked alot of the furniture. I agree with Paul though, the music wasn't that great...so I turned the sound off.
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    The site as a whole kind of lets it down I think... they should've kept it simple like;

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    Anybody else know any good websites for these kinds of furniture? I'm looking to decorate my house and I like this modern look.
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    BoConcept has some sweet stuff... ;)


    medea's probably got a fist full of pukka links like this, as he's got a good eye for swish stuff ;)

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