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Spaces listed in wrong order

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by iCheddar, Feb 27, 2011.

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    One thing that's peculiar that I've noticed is that in mission control, my 3 spaces tend to come up in the wrong order.

    I always keep the main thing I'm doing in space 1, Mail in 2, and iCal in 3. Mission Control seems to display them as Desktop 1, Desktop 3, and Desktop 2, it's very odd.

    Anyone know why Lion might do this, and how to correct it? It's not a big issue, just a weird quirk.

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    I have a quick feeling that it's meant to arrange itself in how often you use the space, or it could be completely random.
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    I am having the same issue.. I believe ^ you are correct. That is what seems to happen, however it bothers me that it does that. //BM
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    Steve Ballmer

    It seems to imply to me that a planned (future) feature will be assigning a custom name to each space, and then they are displayed in the order of activity.
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    LIKE iOS

    It works the same way Application Icons are ordered in the fast app switcher in iOS. Its going by the order in which they were last used. Right now I'm not really comfortable with that feature, but I can see why they added it. Just hope that they make it optional in the final build.
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    Oh man that would be terrible. :( I've been using 4-finger swipe on the ipad (4.3 beta) for a while now and it does the same thing. I don't even like it there! Makes things so confusing because the spaces are always moving around and there's no visual indicator to show where they all are. I have to believe that Apple has a better plan for this. I think the final version will be much more intuitive.
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    No matter how many awesome features there are in Lion, THIS is THE thing that will make me not upgrade if they don't change it.
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    you will upgrade anyway.
    Not like this post is gonna change the universe (and with that, apple)
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    Steve Ballmer

    Then file a bug report with Apple. (You can use their Bug Tracker to bring up unwanted functionality or changes, not just actual bugs.)

    But now that I understand why Spaces are seemingly displayed out of order, I can't say I dislike it nor do I think Apple will change it. Assuming a later build lets us assign custom names to each Space/Desktop (and it just seems like something that will come later on), then I'm actually going to like it quite a bit.
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    To me, it's really not that big of a deal. The majority of the time, I just CMD-# to jump between spaces anyway. Hell, I'm not even opposed to the idea of reordering spaces depending on how often they're used. The only think that I REALLY dislike about it is that the spaces are labelled out of order, it's just aesthetically displeasing.
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    Steve Ballmer

    So you don't mind it but you dislike it? You contradicted yourself.

    But Apple doesn't usually go for that kind of thing, either. And the actual name of the space/desktop was never even displayed in Snow Leopard. Because it's so prominent, I continue to believe that a future build will add a feature to let us name each space/desktop. They could even do an iOS-like feature where it analyzes what apps are on each space and thus suggests a name, like Productivity.
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    We're getting into semantics now. I never said I didn't mind it.

    I'm not opposed to the idea of reordering spaces (as long as they add a more coherent reasoning to it). The only think that bothers me is that the naming is Desktop 1, Desktop 3, Desktop 2 - it's just aesthetically displeasing to me.
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    Steve Ballmer

    I agree with you 100%. It just seems as if they're meant to be renamed. If this isn't a feature by the next build, I'll probably file a bug report with Apple.

    They need to at least standardize between "Spaces" or "Desktops."

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