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Spartanburg, SC

Discussion in 'Leopard Event Meetups' started by jameskk, Oct 19, 2007.

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    Service One, a Spartanburg based Apple Reseller, will be hosting a Leopard Launch Party starting at 6pm on Friday. They will have Free refreshments as well as onsite Leopard demos! Everyone who purchases a copy will receive a free gift. Service One is located at 2932 Reidville Rd., Spartanburg, SC. The phone is 864-576-5032.
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    its a shame there isnt a reseller/retail store here in charleston aka chucktown.... in the sea of retailers on king street, apple is nowhere to be found.
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    I'm still waiting here in chucktown myself. I just went to Jax to the Apple store there and got leopard just the other day.

    Still waiting...................:mad::(
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    I cannot believe there isn't an Apple Store in Charleston (front and center, King Street). It'd do so good there, but oh well.

    I guess now that Best Buy's have the mini-Apple stores, there won't be a reason to ever build a stand alone Apple store in Charleston (or Savannah, GA where I now live).

    Everyone wants to be in the South except trendy retailers. Ah well.
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    I haven't seen any mini apple stores at the Best Buy in West Ashley or North Charleston. Have they added it since I last went in one?

    Actually we do have a Saks 5th Avenue on King St.
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    I don't know if BB's in Charleston have been remodeled (moved from there 3.5 yrs ago :( ). They just finished the remodeling here in Savannah, and I have to say it is pretty nice. Just like a mini-Apple store (and I mean mini). Very clean and Apple-like. It oughtta be rocking this holiday season *buys more AAPL*.
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    Apple Reseller/Warranty Provider in Charleston

    There is a reseller/warranty service provider in Charleston called L2 Technologies. They stock the most common configurations of Apple computers and accessories. 3874 Savannah Hwy 573-2202

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