Speaker click/pop on iBooks and PowerBooks

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by macjay, Nov 19, 2006.

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    Apple won't repair it. It's not like it's a total problem as the speakers still work. The reason why it happens is because power is cut from the speakers in order to keep battery life up a bit, so I suspect that the vast majority of people just deal with it and don't worry about it. But I know that Apple won't ever really fix the issue on the iBooks and Powerbooks...
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    I do notice that with headphones on, it does make a click sound when you start something up after not having any other sounds, which leads me to assume that it powers off the sound if inactive, like the poster above said.
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    I spoke with Apple this morning and asked them about the speaker issue, since I'm thinking of getting a last revision iBook and wanted to know whether a fix would be covered under warranty if it had the issue. The person I spoke with said this WOULD be covered under the warranty and that it didn't sound "normal" to him.

    Did you actually contact Apple to get yours fixed Warbrain and were told otherwise?

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    I was told it wouldn't be fixable and I know that it's going to happen no matter what. It's what happens when you completely de-power a speaker and an amp and then suddenly kick the power back on. The pop is only more high-pitched than it would be from a larger speaker...
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    Interesting. On my iBook G3 with volume maxed, when I go to battery and then press the lower volume key, there is a slight pause, and I hear a very faint click or pop (amp/speakers powering up I guess), followed by the actual volume reduction. The click/pop is extremely faint and it has never been a concern for me (never really even noticed it). About 30 seconds after the volume change, I hear the same click/pop again, which must be the speakers/amp powering down again. Both click/pops (on and off) are very faint. Is this same sound much louder on your G4?
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    It's louder, but I live with it. It's happening every time you do it after 30 seconds because yes, it is powering down. But have you ever had an amp turned up to 8, switch set to on, and then suddenly plug it in after it had decharged? Yea, a nice pop or click you get out of it, too. It's just the nature of electricity for that to happen.

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