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speaker recomendations?

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by DELKIN, Feb 8, 2004.

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    I am purchasing a new computer and am looking for a nice set of speakers. I am leaning away from a 5.1 system to something like the JBL monster speakers. Any suggestions or experiences would be aprecieated.
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    Well, if price is an issue, Costco is selling some really great Altec Lansing speakers at most of their outlets. It's a three piece set, two satellites and a very, very nice subwoofer.

    Only problem is it has no bass or treble control. However, it only costs $39.99!
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    If price is less of a problem and you're into the HK soundsticks, you can get them at Officemax for 120$. The same set costs ~199$ at Apple.com
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    JBL Creatures ...

    I have the silver ones that match nicely with my G5. I've been pleased with the sound.
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    If I was you I'd check out the I-Trigue 3450 or 3500s. Those have amazing sound, look great, and would be a great addition if you're will to dish out $100 for them.
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    Re: JBL Creatures ...

    yeh i will second that. the sound quality is amazing and there is enough bass to start an earthquake!and they look dammed good too!
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    I bought a set of the THX certified promedia 2.1's a week ago, and they sound INCREDIBLE. The quality rivals $1000+ surround systems.

    Movies get so loud that you can't hear yourself talk, yet the sound is in no way distorted. Music sounds great, and the sub knocks.

    Best Buy has or had these babies on sale for $150 last week. These speakers should cost around $250 dollars for what you get. Definately five stars.
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    I just got the Bose MediaMate speakers for my office to attach my iPod to. These are, without a doubt, the finest set of "low end"speakers I have ever seen. Even at low volume (hey, it is in my office) everyone who comes in comments on how nice they sound. Bass is awesome. I like them better than my Altec Lansing w/ subwoofer on my home Mac.

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    Those were my second choice. I went with the Creatures' styling over the Bose sound. The MediaMate does have nice sound for the price. :)
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    I personally like the Altec Lansing ones for price/performance ration (but only their speakers in the $40-$100 range). For better systems, I'd purchase and amp and speakers for a home stereo system... Go to Best Buy or someplace like that.
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    My roommate has the logitech Z-680's, and we get complaints about the bass from people on the floors below us... You can feel it halfway down the hallway, and hear it quite a ways further, and that's like, 12 rooms down...

    The speakers are really loud too. My only gripe is that the LCD on the control thing sucks...

    They make a 2.1 version of the same system, but I forgot what model it was...
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    I just bought the JBL Creature II speakers at the apple store in Skokie, IL. I couldn't be happier with them. I constantly listen to music of all types and wanted something with a big yet premium sound and these speakers are amazing. I still can't believe how loud they get for their size and the subwoofer hasn't let me down yet.
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    I have an odd combination of JBL Duet speakers and an iSub. Alone, the JBL Duets are great (for not having a sub). If you really need the ".1" i reccomend the iSub, but you may have a tough time finding just the iSub w/o soundsticks. However, the Duet are available from Buy.com for 38.99US. That's a great deal.
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    I have the 3500s and they sound great! I would recommend them to anyone. www.ebuyer.com has the best price that I could find.
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    Don't go USB.
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    I have the Klipsch ProMedia GMX 2.1, and they're awesome. The sub gets really good bass, and the satellites are excellent as well. I'd highly recommend them!
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    The Bose MediaMate's are the best quality 2-speaker setup available, IMO.
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    Altec Lansing 621

    I have a set of these, and love them. 100 W sub (long throw, wooden box) and two 50W sattelites, with mylar tweeters. They are bloody powerful, and were a great buy at AUD $235 about a year ago... they are now superceeded, but at the time were top of the line Altec Lansings. Here they are: my speakers are in the pic at the top of this page.
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    Third vote for 3500s. Just got them and they are so nice. Very small, but still loud and ultra-clear even at loud volume.
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    If you are interested in USB powered speakers for travel with a laptop, Benwin is coming out with some nice looking models soon. They look pretty cool and the specs look pretty decent too.
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    don't do it...well, maybe

    Don't get them unless price is a serious consideration and you don't live in an apartment. I have a set that I use with my iPod and when I watch movies in my room. The bass is irritating. The sattellites work fine, but I live in a townhouse and my roommate that is below me can hear the bass from just about anything I listen to. Other than that, they are great and are even clear when turned up significantly.
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    I'm a big fan of them Creature Speakers from JBL -- though they do need their own power, they are great for use with your iPod as well as your system.

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