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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by TigerStephie, Apr 16, 2011.

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    I like the look, but The lack of a zipper or flap covering the compartment where the ipad goes would bother me.
    A case like this I think is far more functional and secure - both iPad and peripherals are secure:

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    Looks like it does have a zipper for all the compartments:
    Not sure I like the flap though with the button this dude seems too have trouble getting it undone and rebuttoned a magnetic snap would have been better.

    But I like that one too. Does it have a specific iPad compartment? Or are there two different compartments in the big pocket.
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    I used to sell Kipling. Hard to destroy and made by Tumi. Awesome brand if you can find one.
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    I love the Kipling bag. I use the one pictured above for my iPad - it's just a perfect fit, plus has the zippered compartment for peripherals AND little pockets inside for pens, cords, wipes, etc. I was not aware that they are now difficult to come by.:(
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    I ended up buying the speck. It was bigger than I thought. It says it fits up to 10" devices. It is nice though because there is a compartment for the iPad. The big pocket also has room for more items. It is large but somewhat slim so anything with too much bulk wouldn't fit. I'm still not sure about the button on the front. I am going to use it for a few days and see how I like it. I really was thinking the bag was smaller which I would have preferred.

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