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Speck Products Introduces iGuy, the First Toy for Your iPod

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 26, 2005.

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    Funny and inventive, but a novelty item at best.
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    woohoo! another topic that was posted earlier, why doesnt MacBytes just link to those threads instead? :confused:

    anyways, its not the greatest, but some people will think its cool im sure
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    mad jew


    For the record, it's here. :)
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    thanks mad jew, feeling a bit under the weather always makes me a bit lazy :eek:
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    mad jew


    No probs, get well soon PlaceofDis. :)
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    MacBytes articles are submitted by readers and then approved by staff, as I understand it. The site is separate from the MacRumors forums, despite the obvious connection.

    The time and effort needed to track down every submission and see if it has been discussed already hardly seems worth it. What is the harm of posting a news story with a second thread? Not enough harm to be worth constant time/effort to avoid it, I suspect.

    The story's new to MacBytes readers, that's the main thing.

    (And I hate it. But I don't see why someone else shouldn't like it :) People don't need to like the same things.)
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    i'd say kinda CUTE. reminds me of those guys that clean monsters, when infected, in Monsters Inc.
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    How are you gonna fit the iPod into your pocket now? :confused:
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    Gumby for the Ipod?

    When we thought that the old tv shows were gone, here comes Gumby for the Ipod. When is Pokey showing up?

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