Speck SmartShell similar products?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by ChrisMc73, Apr 18, 2012.

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    Looking for a new iPad version of the SmartShell by Speck, but similar product.
    The Speck version is coming out soon in black and clear, but I'm wondering if there are any other competitors out there with a similar build...

    The same or similar material.
    Same color options or more like the SmartShell for iPad 2, also like that its semi-clear or smoky where you can see the Apple logo on the back.
    Really want one that covers all of the metal and fits snug along the glass like the SmartShell.

    So while waiting on the new one from Speck, wanted to see if anyone knows of any competition and very similar?
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    I'd like to know this as well... the belkin snap shield seems perfect if you can get one without defects... the incase mag snap is nice but it lacks bottom and top coverage, and the magnets supposedly come off... the speck's magnet looks weaker than the others and is also supposed to come off... the tucano vedo I think has the magnet built into the tpu, but it may be looser and thicker/heavier than the others
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    I'm thinking the Speck is going to be my best purchase, I liked how it was on my iPad 2, it fit well and covered where I needed/wanted it to.

    If I have an older Smart Cover, from before iPad 3 came out, do I need to exchange it at the Apple Store for one made for iPad 3? I heard there was a magnet difference between the two?

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