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Speeding boast online costs 19-year-old his licence

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by heehee, Aug 11, 2010.

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    NSFW? I don't understand how you grow up and not understand that the M5 is not for teenagers.
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    What NSFW?

    I do believe over 80% of the population won't know the difference between a 530i and a M5, but why buy your teenager a $100,000+ car?
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    LOL. Just goes to show bragging gets you nowhere :D

    BTW, what is your avatar supposed to be heehee? I don't understand it :-(
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    There should be a law stating that kids cannot have a luxury car for their first car unless they pay for it themselves. I can understand treating him to something as a reward for his hard work like a vacation or a new computer, but a BMW( especially a M5)?
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    Rally driving with co-pilot giving instructions. Or me driving and my fiancee yelling at me for driving like a nut. :D

    I knew a few people with expensive cars back in high school. One driving a 911 to school everyday.
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    Personally, I don't feel that labeling an M5 a "Luxury Car" is entirely accurate. If it were a 750, maybe.

    To me an M5 is a serious sports sedan, if not race pedigree.

    In the hands of a teenager, it's a weapon more dangerous than a handgun.

    I mean, seriously, that car can bend spacetime as well as it can the curves.
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    BMW is a luxury brand that focuses on the driving experience. The M5 is simply a performance derivative of the regular 5 series. Yes, the M5 is a sports car/sedan, but it is based on a luxury car and still has luxury car features.

    You would still call the S63 AMG a luxury car because it is still an S-Class.
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    I understand, those are my personal views.

    Disclosure: I own a BMW.
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    At least he didn't get himself killed speeding. We had a story about two 17-year olds who crashed a Porsche the other day. Both got killed. :(
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    cherry su

    Unfortunately these teenagers don't know better until they see their friends hurt or dead. It makes a much bigger impact if they themselves land in the emergency room.
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    Better that they kill themselves before they kill other people.
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    Lord Blackadder

    All BMWs are luxury cars as well as being sports sedans/coupes/roadsters. Given their price and equipment levels they could hardly be called anything else, no?

    Which brings me on to the parents' apparent idiocy - Surely when it came time to buy the car it would have been obvious, given the cost, that this was no ordinary sedan? Or they could have Googled "BMW M5"?

    I think the parents should take a lot of blame for handing over a $100k, 10 cylinder, 200mph car to a child. And then pleading ignorance, which is never an excuse.
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    It makes my blood boil when I see innocent people killed by people who want to drive fast. At least if they kill themselves they can get a darwin award.
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    It's a 2006 M5 so it won't be 100k. Thinking about converting 4 year old M5 prices from the UK you might be able to pick one up for around 40 to 50k US dollar.

    Which is still a very expensive car for your first motor, but not out of bounds. I've been privileged, (or unfortunate!) enough to know guys who had expensive sports cars from their ridiculously well off parents. It's not uncommon.

    Also most parents won't know what an M car is. They're likely to think it's a big slow family car. Probably think it's a safe ride for their kid. Stuff like this will happen.
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    After reading that thread and then the links in that thread, the parents fully knew what kind of car they bought their kid. These parents should be on posters, billboard, TV, etc to show how not to parent your kids.

    The kids post in another thread at the forum....

    And reading that thread, ran across an old story that I believe we all heard about an 18 year old kid took his M5 to an airstrip and crashed it killing all 5 people in the car back in 2008. The kid posted on another forum saying similar stuff.


    Luckily, this kid got caught and most likely prevented another tragic event to occur.
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    Lord Blackadder

    Now that is a scary read. It just goes to show that internet forums are not all hot air and nonsense. Maybe someday one of us will "say " something in a thread that might indirectly save someone's life. A sobering thought.
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    Fair enough, in that case then the parents really should get their heads screwed on. 500hp is more than most guys have in their track cars. Stupid power to hand to a teenager.
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    Lord Blackadder

    That quote just makes the parents sound even more stupid - a professional driver should know exactly how dangerous an M5 can be.
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    The kid learned a valuable lesson about keeping his mouth shut. If he's really smart, he'll remember this lesson.
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    "Scared to drive the car again" is a piss-poor excuse for not having the skill to control the car.

    A rally driver is a questionable person to be driving a 500 hp car. They usually go flat-out, between curves.

    Unless he only participates in timed-section rallies.
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    While I would never propose such a law, I personally agree due to personal experience.

    When I was in my last year of high school I was in a terrible wreck, shaped who I am forever. It was a nice car and went faster then the average car a high school student should have. My kids in the future will never have a car similar to what I had in school, simply too dangerous for such a young mind.
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    Wow. In summary:

    Kid: Hey, I do what I want, stop telling me what to do, I know how to drive and I know when to be safe and when not to, I'm laughing at all of you loserz, hahaha.

    Police: Anyone who wants to report a witness of the dangerous operation of this M5, please contact us at <...>.

    Other forum members: Hah, owned, reported.

    Kid: Y'all better mind your own business. You have no idea who I am or what I'm capable of...

    Other forum members: Do you realize that threatening a police offer is a serious offense?

    Kid: Uh... ok, so maybe I lied a bit when I said how fast I was going. And, um, maybe we should delete this thread now? I was just kidding guys. Really! It was all just a joke!
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    I just went back to finish reading the thread, just read that a week later after all the, " I am a safe driver." BS, he crashed his M5.

    Gotta love karma. :D

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