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Sphero: The Robotic Ball Controlled By an iPhone

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. MacRumors, Sep 15, 2011
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    In the same "fun, but impractical" vein as the AR.Drone quadricopter, the Sphero is a robotic ball remotely controlled by an app on the iPhone.

    Approximately the size of a baseball, the Sphero connects to the iPhone via Bluetooth and recharges via an induction-charging stand. Orbotix, the company behind Sphero, has written a number of iPhone apps and games to use with the ball, including Sphero golf and a KittyCam app that let's users share the Sphero experience with their feline friends -- and capture the whole thing with the iPhone's video camera:

    Video: Sphero + Cats

    The Sphero will be available later this year for $129.99. It's currently available for pre-order from GoSphero.com.

    Hat tip to Business Insider.

    Article Link: Sphero: The Robotic Ball Controlled By an iPhone
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    Wow, that's cool. I'm loving all these remotely controlled iDevice products coming out.
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    Pretty cool until the novelty wears off and you're left asking yourself "I paid $130 for this?"
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    My cat would love this.
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    I'm going to have to buy a cat just so I can try that..
  6. JS3
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    Cool. Kinda pricey. Under $60 maybe but $130 wow. My dog would go nuts chasing this around.
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    And if your dog is any bigger than a chihuahua, he/she will probably chew the s*** out of it,leaving $130 worth of detritus. :p ;) :D

    BTW: $130 to roll a ball around the room?? Oh, yeah, I forgot, we get to use our iPhone to control it. Definitely an exciting prospect. :rolleyes:
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    Yea I'll pass. When I can get a friggen remote control helicopter from Griffen for half that!!!!
    Epic fail.
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    It is: Very Cool for the first 15 minutes!
    It is also: Unnecessary at that price tag! :eek:
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    Too expensive but awesome idea. $49.99 and my cat would love it. The challenge though would be keeping the dog at bay.
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    Make it $29.99 and we'll talk. I'd rather buy the helicopter for just a bit more.
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    I’ve been waiting for this. Bring it under $100 (which seems likely enough). Less would be better, but I like toys and buy very few of them. I can swing $99.
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    Analog Kid

    Looks like fun, but it's about $100 more than it's worth...
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    I'll wait. Give it some time and the price should drop dramatically.
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    I was trying to sell a similar idea (minus using an iPhone as the remote) to toy companies about 5 years ago. No interest from them at all.

    I even invented a game so that you had something to do with it. In handball you use your hands to control the ball. In football (except the American sport of the same name) you use your feet to control the ball. So I introduce Ballball... Control the ball with your ball on a small ice hockey shaped pitch (it needs barriers or you'd lose the ball all the time).
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    Good idea. Call me when it's $0.99.;)
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    Agreed. Who in the hell thinks this up, and then screams- don't buy me?
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    I'm wondering about its durability. In the first video (the cat), there's a shot of a feline pawing a Sphero that's broken in half.
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    Can I get Apple Care for this? :D
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    Yeah, I saw this recently... it seems pretty awesome, with a lot of potentially fun and interesting uses... kind of a pricey toy though, but it would be pretty cool to have one...!

    On a vaguely related note, there's a company I know that makes automated drones (air and sea drones), and they are starting to make software for iphones and ipads to control their drones... seems pretty cool...
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    Aside from fun for your pet, what other "fun and interesting uses" are there?

    No sarcasm intended - just interested. :D :)
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    If I had a cat, I would buy this.
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    It would suck if they stole your idea, did you patten it? a remote controlled ball?
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    Indeed. Still a great product and I think I'll want to try it. I somehow thought this was done before close to a decade ago with something else.

    Some things for improvement:
    1. Allow WiFi (802.11b for better power, maybe?) for control - greater distances,
    2. Allow for small coloured LEDs: I want a crazy disco ball close to a laser light show - ability to follow auto-movement patterns for music playback ;)

    However the code and API's could be used for better things down the pipe - RC cars (helicopters already done over WLAN), track mounted security cameras (SSL internet controlled), etc.
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    It would be better if the price is $40 :D

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