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iPad mini Spigen SGP iPad mini Hardbook Case

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by AnthonySmith, Nov 8, 2012.

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    What do you guys think? I like it a lot. I've been thinking of getting a book-style case for my mini, I think they'd look and feel great. I've had nothing but good service and products from SGP in the past. This looks like a nice case. I really like the black one. I'm thinking of maybe getting it once it's released.
  2. glen e, Nov 8, 2012
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    it looks nice and I like spiegen stuff too - be aware it will be a bit bulky and not very thin and the way it presents the pad to you takes up a lot of footprint. I don't like cases like this for that reason...it takes up all the space on a flight tray. If that's not important, then have at it!

    For some business meetings, I own this now for ipad4 and will probably buy it for the mini - it is the best folio I have owned:
  3. maniac886, Nov 10, 2012
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    SGP iPad Mini Navy now arrived.Pics below.








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    very nice - can you take a pic of it with the ipad out of the frame? I want to see how it affixes the pad in the product....does the sleep/wake work?
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    Does the hump on the inside of the front cover that braces the back when you stand it up press down on the screen? Seems like it would create a focal point for both scratches and glass cracks.
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    The case has only just arrived so just a quick few points:

    The case feels nice and solid and the iPad clicks securely in place

    When the case is put in standing mode the iPad is stable when upright.

    My only slight gripe is that the top of the iPad is exposed as you can see in the pictures.

    Other than that it seems like an excellent case so far but will see how it stands the test of time.

    P.S for anyone else ordering there is no sleep/awake function.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.
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    no sleep/wake means they guessed at the proportions as they had no ipad to use as a template...I'll wait 6 months and they'll fix this...
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    Photo added - the case does not have the sleep awake function but looking on the SGP website it says it does which is strange. I may contact the SGP UK ebay store to update their listing so no one is misled.


    The hump is made of rubber but only touches the plastic holder and not the screen.
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    Looks nice. I got a case with a stand like that and I really like it. I felt the smart cover stand was very flimsy and mine kept falling over. These stands (like the one in your picture) are much more stable.
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    I just received this exact case yesterday and the sleep/awake function absolutely works....flawlessly, I might add. Maybe you got a bad case.
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    did you order yours from their website? I can't seem to order it?
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    I ordered it directly from their site from my safari browser. Supposedly there is a 20% off coupon: get20
    Now. I just checked the site and I see what you are saying. They could be out of stock but I'd call them to get the scoop.
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    damn just tried...i'm able to order everything else except the ipad mini and ipad hardbook case. I wonder why..

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    I like it I like it a lot.
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    Do you know if this case for iPad Mini fits also on iPad Mini with Retina?

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