spiled water on my ibook, what else to do, disassmble?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by atik, Mar 6, 2006.

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    crap, i just did it.

    I spilled a little (less than a cup i guess) on my ibook. Did everything i remembered switched off, took battery out, removed battery and the metal part coverig the ram slot, dried everything i saw with a q-tip and cloth and turned the ibook over. So pretty much everything said at thread i found from MC.

    I also used a piece of print paper to dry the tiny gap between the screen and the plastic "collar" around it, it had a few drops. Is there a need to disassemble it, beyond taking of the keyboard and the ram slot cover? I don't have a small enough screwdriver or hexagon key handy right now, but tell me if i need to start serious work with this.

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    The main thing is to put it in a warm place (on top of the refrigerator is popular) and leave it for at least 24 hours, better 48 hours, BEFORE putting the battery back i and testing it. If it was pure water only, you should be OK. If it had sugar or juice in it though, then you may be forced to clean it.
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    no, just water. and i don't know if it matters, but i've heard that finnish tap water should be quite clean, like not much minerals and such.

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    Just make sure you air it out for at least a day in a warm dry place like CanadaRAM said. I got my digital camera wet snowboarding and it wouldn't work but after I took it apart and dried it for a day it started to work again.
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    phew, all good.

    i let it dry out with the keyboard off for 1,5 days an everything's fine. thanks for the advice.

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